Vapac & Humidity Solutions – Better Together

From the beginning of April, Humidity Solutions – based in Leatherhead – will be the sole UK distributor for the West Midlands manufactured Vapac range of electrode boiler steam humidifiers.

Neptronic – Humidification in Wood Industry

Humidity Solutions showcase the full range of Neptronic’s isothermal and adiabatic humidifiers that can be used in a variety of applications and areas within the Wood industry.

Humidity Solutions Evaporative Humidification – Ease of Maintenance

The SKV has been designed for easy access to components of the evaporative module for maintenance. This video demonstrates the simplicity of changing the media.

Humidity Solutions Residential Humidification Installation

Neptronic have produced an informative video which provides useful information relevant to ensuring a problem free installation.The video guides you through information regarding the SKR residential unit and also explains the best course of action for issues that could potentially arise.

Neptronic – Humidification in Hospital & Healthcare Applications

Humidity Solutions showcase the full range of Neptronic’s isothermal and adiabatic humidifiers that can be used in a variety of applications and areas within a hospital or healthcare facility.

Airtec AHU Humidifier Exhibition Demonstration

Humidity Solutions can now showcase the Airtec AHU Humidifier as Airtec have developed a demonstration system for use at relevant exhibitions. Please see the video for a brief insight into what the Airtec AHU Humidifier can achieve.

Neptronic SKR Residential Steam Humidifier Service Procedures

The main features and benefits of the SKR are:
– Simplicity of Operation and Service
– Environment friendly – no plastic cylinders to buy or throw away
– Generates pure and sterile steam
– Simple control wiring
– Self-cleaning elements
– No more blocked drain solenoid valves

For more information on the Neptronic SKR please click here

SK300 Electric Resistive Humidifier Service Procedures

The SK300 are power humidifiers designed to provide dry sterile steam for humidification.
They combine the latest microprocessor based electronic design with carefully matched metallurgical and mechanical technology perfected over two decades by National Environmental Products Ltd. The design is based on permanent rather than replaceable containers.
Simplicity of Operation and Service:

The SK300 humidifier consists of an automatically water fed stainless steel container with an easily removable cover containing heating elements and water level sensors.
Periodic servicing of the unit can be easily done in minutes. All mechanical, power and control connections arereadily accessible for quick servicing.

Hot Yoga Humidification

Hot yoga at 40°C protects muscles by allowing for a deeper stretch while also detoxifying the body by opening the skins pores to let the toxins out in sweat. It shall also save on heating bills as the perceived temperature is hotter than the actual allowing the room temperature to be reduced while achieving the same effects.

Model – Vesuvius mobile heating / humidification tower internal unit delivering 0.6 m3/s of air to achieve 40C 50%rh in a studio of 200m3.

For more information regarding the Yoga Studio Heater/Humidifier please click here

Domestic Humidification

“The house is so much more comfortable since the humidifier has been installed, with a noticable reduction in dry skin, coughs and colds. And waking up without an uncomfortably dry throat is a great relief.
I was concerned about having a humidifier in the house as I did not really understand what it entailed. However the unit’s quiet operation and discrete location in a hall cupboard mean that we don’t notice it.”
Mrs Windsor-Lewis

To view more information on the Domestic Humidity Solution please click here

Wood Store Humidification

The video included in this post is an example of what Humidity Solutions have designed and installed for a wood storage warehouse.
This ensures that the wood is kept in the perfect conditions in order to prevent any warping.
The right level of humidity minimises lower regain being caused by dry air, it can also prevent the yarns being influenced by low moisture content making them weaker and brittle which results in more friction making the yarns prone to static electrification. By preventing low humidity occurrences static problems are reduced, making machines speeds quicker and the materials become more manageable.

To read more on this application please click here

OM Yoga Show Success

Humidity Solutions are glad to announce that exhibiting at the OM Yoga Show
which was held in the National Hall at London Olympia on the 24-26th October, was a great success!

The tenth annual Yoga Show was once again be held in the prestigious National Hall,
Olympia. The video above shows the Airtec high pressure humidifier which Humidity
Solutions were demonstrating at the show. To view the relevant Airtec product page please click here

There was plenty to do at this year’s show including free yoga & pilates classes,
Yoga Teaching Conference, Teacher Training taster sessions, children’s yoga,
demonstrations and lectures. With over 200 exhibitors there was everything you
need for your yoga & pilates practice together with inspirational products for a healthy lifestyle

Abbatoir Humidification

The Airtec high pressure water humidification system has been employed within abattoirs to greatly reduce financial losses within this market sector. The way of achieving this is to reduce the weight loss from the carcases as they are cooled from body temperature at 37°C to 12°C in a 12 hour period. During this period the product can lose up to 3% of its weight due to the carcase loosing moisture through the refrigeration process.

Very fine sprays produced by the Airtec high pressure water system surround the product with high humidity air of around 95%rh to reduce the evaporation process to limit the amount of weight lost. This is achieved because as the cool air is warmed as it passes the carcase the air is able to increase its moisture carrying capacity so when the air is humid this becomes to source rather than taking moisture from the product. On a side of beef this can be as much as 3kg which as the product is sold by weight this is a 3kg loss in value and hence lost profit.

Airtec Presentation Video

Humidity Solutions are proud to supply Airtec products such as the HydroLine and the EasyLine.

Humidity Solutions provide ISO accredited high-pressure humidification from Airtec®.

Optimized energy consumption and minimised operational cost ensures the correct air humidity without unnecessary cost.

Humidity Solutions Company Video

Humidity Solutions Ltd is dedicated to humidity control providing the widest range of quality reliable humidifiers and turnkey packages.
Steam humidifiers are the most widely used as they offer great flexibility of installation, ideal for many varied applications.
The electrode boiler is a low capital cost humidifier perfect for general humidification requirements such as in the central Air handling units, serving offices.
Element boilers have the ability to offer excellent control, so are often employed where tight tolerances are demanded, such as in test facilities.
Large industrial applications make use of gas technology which reduce energy bills.
Low energy cold water humidifiers are also great solutions to many applications.
Evaporative humidifiers and
High pressure water are used in direct air or in duct applications such as printing halls or datacentres achieving advantageous adiabatic (adee-a-batic) cooling of the air.

Humidity Solutions to Exhibit at AUE 2013

Humidity Solutions are pleased to have been invited to exhibit at The Association of University Engineers conference on the 4-6th September 2013. This year’s event is being held at Goldsmiths, University of London after following on from a successful conference at Keele University in 2012.