Temperature, Humidity and air movement

Controlling air movement, temperature and humidity is an important factor in establishing the environment you require for your process. Ensuring that the treated air is in the correct area and not drifting to non-essential areas like roof spaces and out of doors.
Heating and providing humidity control comes with a cost so to reduce the air volume by restricting air movement through a door whilst allowing access through it and to gentle push warm air back down to operate levels saves money and creates an ideal atmosphere in which to manufacture and work.

De-stratification fans

With any conventional air heating system warm air will rise to roof level by natural convection. In high factories, warehouses and sports centres, this can result in high temperature gradients and consequently increased energy usage. Reznor de-stratification fans reverse the natural convection process, recirculating warm air back to working level providing a reduction in roof space temperature and uniform temperature distribution. Heat where you want it reducing energy bills.

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Without de- stratification heat rises resulting in poor distribution, increased heat loss and running costs.

The DS fan returns heat to the working zone for improved comfort and reduced running costs.

Air Curtains

Air curtains provide a barrier of high velocity air that helps block incoming winds and stops warm air escaping. They achieve this by delivering a powerful barrier of heated air across the entire width of the doorway. Units can be fitted to existing or new buildings and are ideal for open doorways.

Stops warm air escaping whilst allowing free movement of people and machinery saving energy and costs.

Industrial heating and cooling

Radiant tube heating systems offer high efficiency heating delivering exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs. 65% saving compared with conventional heating systems.

Adiabatic Evaporative cooling is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of cooling air and is an alternative to traditional air conditioning. The evaporation
of the moisture into the air reduces its temperature whilst the process also filters it and removes airborne contaminants. Typically using only 20% of the energy used by traditional air conditioning.

Humidity Control

Removing variables from an industrial process reduces set up times, improves speed of production and increases quality. Humidity is an important factor in this especially where hygroscopic materials such as Timber, paper or fabric is involved but also in the curing of glues and reduction in static.

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