Controlling environmental factors

Food production requires humidity solutions to achieve the best quality in both preservation and presentation, as John Barker explains…

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Asking the right questions

Humidity Solutions have recently been featured in the latest ACR News magazine.

John Barker, managing director of Humidity Solutions, tackles the importance of asking the right questions at the beginning of a job to ensure a completed and cost-effective project.

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Abbatoir Humidification

The Airtec high pressure water humidification system has been employed within abattoirs to greatly reduce financial losses within this market sector. The way of achieving this is to reduce the weight loss from the carcases as they are cooled from body temperature at 37°C to 12°C in a 12 hour period. During this period the product can lose up to 3% of its weight due to the carcase loosing moisture through the refrigeration process.
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