HIdROS SRH – Up to 3000 Ltrs/Day

Capacity from 1100 to 3000 l/24h

Series SRH dehumidifier are expressly designed for use in swimming pools where humidity should be closely control-led in order to guarantee optimal comfort. These units are intended to be installed in a technical room close to the swim-ming pool.

A centrifugal fan with high available static pres-sure allows unit connection to ductworks, both for air suction and discharge. This series comprises 6 basic models which cover a capacity range from 1150 to 3000 l/24h. All the units are fully assembled and wired at the factory.

Features & Benefits

  • Duty range up to 3000 ltrs/24 hrs
  • Ceiling, floor or wall mounted options
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy maintenance and service
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