Heating, Cooling & Humidification Tower

The Eiger tower is designed to be the solution in providing a controlled environment for a manufacturing process room.

Temperature and humidity controlled air is delivered into the space to ensure that the ideal condition is achieved and delivered to the manufacturing process maximising production in its optimum environment.


Heating, cooling, humidity, air movement, air filtration and fresh air are all delivered by this single easy to install unit which is positioned in the space delivering the air to the process via fabric duct. Air is returned via the Eiger’s returned air grill where is it mixed with fresh air, conditioned and delivered into the space. Close control is provided by internal air sensors and the state of the art controller which can be set by the operator to the desired conditions.


Designed with Digital print studio’s in mind the cooling removes the heat generated by the Digital print machine (max 12Kw) and then adds the humidity required to overcome low ambient moisture content and the moisture removed by the cooling process. This ensures that the room is kept at a stable 22C +/- 3C, 50%rh +/- 10%rh ensuring that the digital print machine is at its optimum recommended climatic condition to ensure maximum machine speeds and quality of print leading to maximum profits.  Additionally paper is kept at a stable condition reducing paper curl and ensuring dimensional stability whilst also eliminating static.


Installation is straight forward with the unit mounted on casters the Eiger is simply wheeled into position, connected to the services and connected to the external air conditioning condenser unit.
Fabric ducting can be connected to the air outlet spigot and positioned to provide good air distribution in the space and around the printer.

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