Cotes Desiccant Dehumidifier C105 Range


The All-Round C105 is an innovative range of large, versatile dehumidifiers, with moisture removal capacities of 25.7–50.7 kg per hour, and able to provide approx. 4000–8800 m3 of dry air per hour.

Cotes All-Round dehumidifiers provide an exceptional degree of control over airflow humidity and temperature specifications, via factory-installed control settings.

C105 units are the largest of these Cotes dehumidifiers, featuring modular configurations with easy integration of heat recovery, heating units, cooling systems, fans, filters, sensors, control setups, etc. These dehumidifiers are designed for exceptional reliability, low operating costs and easy servicing.


Two types of All-Round C105 dehumidifiers are available.

C105D units are configured with a specific focus on high ΔX values (the driest air possible) in industrial processes where it is essential to keep the levels of moisture in the air under stringent control.

C105E units are specially configured for effective humidity management in enclosed spaces, and where the main focus is on keeping energy consumption to the minimum.


All-Round C105 dehumidifiers consist of standardised, modular configurations, with well-proven capabilities. You can easily integrate heating or cooling modules, a heat recovery module or an air-cooled condensation module to deal with your particular operating requirements. These are simply mounted in an additional matching casing on the side.

You can also specify additional fans, filters, sensors, control setups, etc. that you need for tackling specific operating requirements.


Four different software-based monitoring and control configurations are available, so users can customise operations to specific practical requirements and operating priorities, as these change and vary over time.

Control Configurations


All-Round C105 dehumidifiers are available with an aluminium cross-flow air-to-air heat exchanger to recover heat from the regeneration air leaving the unit, so it can then be reused to preheat the incoming regeneration air.

These heat recovery units can save as much as 20% on your energy bills, resulting in payback in as little as 24 months.


  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Cold stores/freezer facilities
  • Waterworks
  • Virtually any kind of indoor space

Features & Benefits

  • Precision control of humidity specifications for outgoing air
  • Easy to maintain high hygiene levels
  • Low operating costs and low maintenance/repair costs
  • Long service life
  • Can be placed even where highly visible

Control Configurations

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