Cotes Flexible Desiccant Dehumidifier (Bespoke)

Cotes Flexible is the top-of-the-line Cotes dehumidifier range, with standard air volume capacity from 2,000 m3/hour to approx. 40,000 m3/hour. Larger customised models are available by request.

Cotes Flexible dehumidifiers are designed for large-scale humidity management in conjunction with process drying – where effectiveness, versatility and reliability are crucial, and where either deep drying and exceptionally dry air – or exceptional volumes of process air – are often required.


The special range of Cotes adsorption dehumidifier is designed so you can easily specify the exact configuration you need for your particular installation and your precise airflow requirements.

The configuration is designed to be easy to integrate with a wide range of heaters, cooling systems, fans, heat exchangers and other equipment. This boosts the dehumidifier’s capabilities and usefulness for each individual customer, and makes it easy to customise Cotes Flexible units to your specific requirements and priorities.

Control Configurations

Heat Recovery Brochure

Water Condensation Module (LK) brochure


The inside of the cabinets is designed to ensure the unhindered, energy-efficient passage of air through the unit, as well as good hygiene, low noise and minimal vibration. All fans and other equipment that generate vibration and noise are placed inside the unit, which can be insulated and soundproofed as you require.


Cotes Flexible cabinets and panels are designed for smoothness and ease of cleaning, making them ideal for use in the food industry and in pharmaceutical production, where hygiene requirements are particularly stringent.

All outer panels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and internal panels are made of galvanised steel as standard, with other materials and finishes available by special request.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient
  • Most effective rotor
  • Key components standardised for easy service
  • Easy cleaning
  • Very low sound levels

Control Configurations

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