Cotes Desiccant Dehumidifier C30 Range


Cotes All-Round C30 dehumidifiers are particularly compact, with moisture removal capacities of 0.9-1.9 kg per hour. The elegant stainless steel cabinet means these energy-efficient dehumidifiers can even be installed in places where they are on full view.


Cotes All-Round C30 dehumidifiers are compact, uncomplicated units that are exceptionally robust and reliable, as well as only a bare minimum of energy.

The combination of a small footprint and high effectiveness makes them ideal for use in a vast range of places and for removing moisture from the air in many different industries.


In Cotes All-Round units, the silica gel-coated rotor is mounted horizontally. This means process air enters and leaves on the same side of the casing, while regeneration air enters and leaves on the opposite side.

Any additional equipment, such as a heat recovery module or an air-cooled condensation module, can be mounted in an additional casing on the side.


Your All-Round unit can be fitted with a highly efficient aluminium cross-flow air-to-air heat exchanger to recover heat from the regeneration air leaving the unit. This thermal energy can then be reused to preheat the incoming regeneration air.

These energy-saving heat recovery units can save as much as 20% on your energy bills, resulting in payback in as little as approx. 24 months.

Heat Recovery Brochure


All-Round C30 units can be fitted with an air-cooled condensation unit to condense the water from the regeneration air. – a big benefit when a regeneration air outlet is not a good idea or cannot be fitted.

Water Condensation Module (LK) brochure


All-Round C30 units can be linked to all Cotes external controls – DR10, DA20, DH24, DCC – depending on your dehumidification needs and operating requirements.

Control Configurations


  • Food industry processing facilities
  • Cold stores
  • Waterworks
  • General humidity management in all kinds of indoor spaces

Features & Benefits

  • High energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Easy installation
  • Low-noise running
  • Low maintenance cost
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