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How does the optimum humidity level for preservation of arts and antiquities compare to other environments?

Most indoor environments can tolerate reasonably wide varia- tion in relative humidity (RH) – say between 40 and 60 per cent RH for an o ce – without ill e ects. The sensitivity of antiques, works of art and other heritage objects to variation in RH means that they require closer control to ensure the RH varies by only a few per cent.

Thus, perhaps the most important criterion is to determine the optimum temperature and humidity for the types of objects in a particular space, which may vary for di erent materials. Then the humidity control system can be controlled to maintain RH within an acceptable range. It is also worth noting that most humidity problems in the UK relate to low humidity, so that humidi cation is generally required to raise RH. However, the same principles apply when dehumidification is required. Close control is the key!

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