Humidity Solutions assists in hydroponics application

Humidity Solutions are proud to be pioneers amongst the Hydroponics Industry having supplied a cold water high pressure system from our partner Airtec.

Tim Gatehouse, heading up the dehumidifier aspect, traced an opportunity in this industry and developed an interest, originally approaching prospects concerning a need for dehumidification, which resulted in Airtec being provided as a viable solution for many applications.

Previously, stand-alone small capacity units had been forbearing in this industry, but the advantages of using an Airtec system soon became apparent and the order was placed.

The airtec system offers the advantages of being able to control multiple areas off one control panel which in turn reduces maintenance and simplifies installation. Installation is further simplified by the use of easy to install flexible hose and push fit connections. Control is via a sensor per zone with a different humidity level able to be set for each area if desired.

Mobile dehumidifiers are also often used in this environment with Humidity Solutions able to select from a wide range of desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers alongside the mobile equipment.

Total humidity control from one source.

Hydroponics is an area which requires and benefits from a carefully controlled environment, and this is where the combined experience of the Humidity Solutions’ team has excelled, resulting in a very happy customer