Hi-tech cleanroom: Humidity control to the forefront

Humidity Solutions have recently been featured on www.cleanroomtechnology.com

John Barker, Managing Director of Humidity Solutions, on the requirements to achieve high yield in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries…

There are plenty of examples one could give of mainstream product manufacturing or use that are obvious candidates for humidity solutions: pharmaceuticals, food and IT equipment are just a few.

Sometimes, however, it’s the least obvious areas of the industry that require the most support. Manufacturing simple lithium batteries, like the ones you would put in your TV remote, takes place in ultra-low humidity facilities known as “dryrooms”. These dryrooms vary from small R&D labs up to large-scale mass production facilities. But why is this, and what would happen if the humidity wasn’t right?

Like many devices in the modern world, lithium battery technology is changing all the time, and in quite dramatic ways. New materials and chemical reactions are being tested every day, all in the name of reducing costs and meeting the ever-growing demand.

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