HVR News May Issue

Humidity Solutions have appeared in the May issue of Heating & Ventilating News.

The article gives an informative insight into Infection Control via RH levels and how managing humidity levels can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of infection control.

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The Right Conditions for Hot Yoga

Humidity Solutions have written an article which appears in the OM Yoga Teacher Training Guide 2018.

This article describes how providing the perfect hot yoga experience is heavily reliant on maintaining the required temperature and humidity.

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Come and see us at DPRTE 2018

Visit the Humidity Solutions stand at the UK’S leading defence procurement and supply chain event which is hosted 27 March 2018 – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff.
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This Weeks Largest Dispatch

A new MDC1000SP desiccant dehumidifier, processing 1000 cubic metres of air, plus pre and after cooler, to serve a pharmaceutical application in the South West has recently left the building.

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Classic Car Show 2018 Success

Humidity Solutions had a successful time at The Classic Car Show 2018 which was held at the Excel exhibition centre in London on the 15th – 18th Feb.
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Humidity Solutions receives supplier awards at AHR Chicago

Humidity Solutions has received two major awards from Neptronic, one of its principal suppliers – Best Sales in the European market and Prestigious Project. The latter related to the supply and installation of 18 SKG gas-fired humidifiers for four paint spray booths for the Ministry of Defence.
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Industrial Plant & Equipment

Keeping RH in its place

Effective humidity control is a necessity for all work environments and is particularly important in many industrial environments, says John Barker of Humidity Solutions.

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ACR News

Humidity Solutions have shared their expertise on humidity control within museums and galleries in this months ACR News.

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Print Monthly October 2017

Humidity Solutions have recently been featured in Print Monthly magazine for an article regarding the importance of controlling your print environment.
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ACH Magazine

How does the optimum humidity level for preservation of arts and antiquities compare to other environments?

Most indoor environments can tolerate reasonably wide varia- tion in relative humidity (RH) – say between 40 and 60 per cent RH for an o ce – without ill e ects. The sensitivity of antiques, works of art and other heritage objects to variation in RH means that they require closer control to ensure the RH varies by only a few per cent.
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OM Yoga 2017 Show Offer

As a special offer to all OM Yoga Show 2017 attendees Humidity Solutions will be offering the two products necessary for creating the right hot yoga environment in your own home.
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Humidity Solutions Choose HIdROS Dehumidifiers

Humidity Solutions are delighted to announce that they have an agreement to distribute the HIdROS brand of dehumidifiers in to the UK market. This brings together the superb HIdROS equipment and the exceptional application knowledge held within Humidity Solutions.

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Built Environment

Humidity Solutions Launches Versatile In-Duct Humidification System

Humidity Solutions has introduced the Airtec Hydrosens in-duct high pressure adiabatic humidification system, capable of modulating water flow in seven different combinations to deliver precise control in each space.
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9 reasons to select a purpose designed boat / storage dehumidifier

1.Electricity. Energy efficiency is a consideration, but not the primary consideration when choosing a dehumidifier for your boat.   If you have an Air conditioner system this will dry but the energy consumption is much higher than the Energy consumption of a dehumidifier.   The dehumidifier uses electricity only when it is needed or as set by the user.  The Humidistat allows you to set the dryness to stop mould & mildew usually to maintain a cabin humidity level of around 60% relative humidity.

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Humidity Can Be Cool

When Mooch Clothing had two control climatic issues, Humidity Solutions was able to solve both with one easy to install solution.

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Many existing buildings lack the effective humidity control that is necessary to maintain acceptable indoor air quality. John Barker of Humidity Solutions considers the options for retrofit Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With 2016 soon coming to a close Humidity Solutions would like to wish all their customers, suppliers and contacts a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here’s to 2017!

Effective humidification keeps dormant trees healthy

An Airtec high-pressure adiabatic humidification system – designed, supplied and installed by Humidity Solutions – is helping J&A Growers Ltd to create the cold store conditions required to keep young trees and hedging plants dormant until they are ready for planting.
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Print Monthly


To make a print business truly efficient you need an eye for detail, Brendan Perring investigates how pulling together an array of kit could help exponentially boost your performance.

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Planned Maintenance Targets Exceeded

Humidity Solutions after sales department have been hard at work making sure that the humidifiers and dehumidifiers out in service are running at their optimum and to ensure that our customers have the most cost effective solution for maintenance. Read More

Mist & Match Article

Humidity Solutions produced an article in H & V News August 2016 edition.

The article by John Barker focuses on the variation in building styles, age, services design and usage meaning that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for humidification.
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Humidity Solutions & Airtec Visit Dusseldorf

At the Drupa international print exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany. Launching the newly updated Easyline control panel and demonstrating the humidification system.
Lots of interest from all over the world with a large number of UK visitors interested in the advantages that the system provides of reduced static, dimensional stability and consistency of the environment in which to print.
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Print Solutions

Article Introduction as featured in Print Solutions May 2016 Edition:

One unit for environmental control in digital print rooms thanks to Humidity Solutions.

Health Estate Article – Meeting Theatre Humidity Criteria

Health Estate Article have published an editorial on Humidity Control in operating theatres.

A brief snippet of the article is below:

When determining humidity control requirements for operating theatres, engineers need to take account of clinical issues such as infection control as well as engineering criteria, explains John Barker, sales director at of specialist in humidification and dehumidification equipment, Humidity Solutions.

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Fisair Renews Its VDI6022 Certification

FISAIR units have been validated by the prestigious German institute “Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets”. This certification is very important for AHU manufacturers because it means they can be sure that FISAIR units are the best choice for meeting all hygiene standards.

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New Reverse Osmosis plant range from Airtec

The New RO Inline water treatment range from Airtec includes a pressure vessel to allow effective smooth delivery of water to the humidifier or process that it is serving. This eliminates the need for an open tank or the recirculation of water through a UV steriliser whilst being stored.
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Eliminate static in Extruded Plastic foil production

Humidity Solutions are pleased to report that an Airtec high pressure water system has been invaluable in increasing production for over 4 years in a plastic foil extrusion plant.  The major European manufacturer specialises in the production and distribution of high-barrier flexible packaging for the food, tobacco, and healthcare industries.

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UKAS Humidity Controlled Laboratory Installations

A humidification system designed and supplied by Humidity Solutions is helping leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie to maintain precise humidity conditions in its timber conditioning chambers. The turnkey solution has used two Neptronic SKE resistive humidifiers, which have a high tolerance of mineral build-up without affecting output or control.

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Humidity Solutions Finalist in ACR News Awards 2016

Humidity Solutions has won through to the finals of the ACR News Awards 2016 in the Distributor/Wholesaler of the Year category. The company’s successful entry focuses on its recognition that each project has unique requirements and a commitment to delivering a holistic solution tailored to each customer’s needs and business priorities. Read More

New Website Launch

Humidity Solutions are proud to announce the launch of our new website which features improved navigation, enhanced compatibility with mobile devices and instant access to social media links. A new ‘online shop’ for spares and product hire has also been introduced.
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New member of the Humidity Solutions Team

Humidity Solutions have pleasure in introducing Tom Barker who joined the Humidity Solutions team full time from September 2014.

Tom joined Humidity Solutions after studying at Leeds University and having worked for the company over several holiday periods whilst in education. Read More

Welcome Tanja

Humidity Solutions had the pleasure of being introduced to Airtec’s new Export Sales Manager, Tanja Jorgensen who came the Humidity Solutions Head office in Leatherhead with Airtec’s Managing Director Bo Rahbek in the second week of January. Read More

HVR Awards 2014 – Nominee

The HVR Awards will be held on the 26th November 2014 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, with a gala dinner attended by hundreds of industry professionals.

Organised by Datateam Business Media, home to Heating and Ventilating Review, the awards provide an ideal opportunity to celebrate the innovations and achievements of the past twelve months, as well as allowing attendees to network with new and old contacts. Read More

Two Birds With One Stone

As the environmental impact of refrigerant-based cooling is subjected to closer scrutiny there is growing interest in the use of evaporative humidifiers to control both temperature and relative humidity. John Barker of Humidity Solutions explains why. Read More

Energy In Buildings & Industry Article Sept

As both the financial and environmental costs of refrigerant-based cooling come under close scrutiny there are very good reasons for considering alternative technologies, says John Barker

The cooling effects of evaporating water have been known for thousands of years and used to good effect in a wide range of applications. In more recent decades this ‘low-tech’ approach has been superseded by refrigerant-based cooling, bringing with it a considerable increase in energy consumption – plus the additional environmental impact of using refrigerants.
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New Man Joins The Team

Humidity Solutions are delighted to announce the continued strengthening of their Sales team with the addition of Wayne Hayward.

Wayne has many years experience of working in the HVAC sector inparticular serving the industrial and process industies. Wayne shall head Humidity Solutions expansion into the dehumidifier market bringing a high degree of experience as well as product and site knowledge to the team. Read More

New man joins the team

Humidity Solutions are delighted to announce the continued strengthening of their Service team with the addition of Ian Stevenson.

Ian has many years experience of working on humidifiers having previously worked for Walter Meier and shall bring a high degree of experience as well as product and site knowledge to the team.
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Humidity Solutions Visits Denmark

The beginning of June saw John Barker, Sales Director of Humidity Solutions visit Airtec which is located in Lemvig, Denmark.

The visit was to attend the Airtec distributors meeting which included workshops and presentations.

To the right is an image of the attendees. Read More

Humidity Solutions Are Moving

We are delighted to announce that we shall be moving premises to a new location within a stones through of our current location. We shall be operating from the new premises from 6th May 2014. Read More

Humidity Solutions Goes Offshore

Humidity Solutions have completed the installation of Neptronic SKEs on Captain FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading) which is located 134km (90 miles) north-east of Aberdeen. It lies in a water depth of 104m (341 ft). The Captain field is owned by Texaco North Sea Company and Korea Captain Company Ltd. The units had low smoke zero halogen wiring looms and were 440 volt versions which were installed onto the Captain’s accommodation facilities.
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Humidity Solutions Visits The Big Apple

New York, New York!

Humidity Solutions attended the 2014 AHR Expo in New York City – where the HVAC industry comes to buy, sell, network and learn. It’s the world-class destination that drew heating and AC professionals from around the globe. Read More

Highs and lows at Humidity Solutions

Roger has taken on the role of Sales Manager at Humidity Solutions handling the complete portfolio of humidification and dehumidification equipment offered by Humidity Solutions with specific responsibility for promoting to the HVAC trade. He is seen here with Lindsey Henderson with the two of them demonstrating that it is not only humidity which has highs and lows. Read More

UK National Yoga Asana Championships

Humidity Solutions are sponsoring the IYSF UK National Yoga Asana Championships

Yoga Asana competitions are athletic competitions demonstrating the beauty of demanding yoga postures. Through dedication, discipline and the unyielding determination of the competitors, spectators can admire the body’s full range of motion and potential. Read More

Humidity Solutions becomes LinkedIn – 1st Recommendation

Humidity Solutions recently setup their Linked In company page and also received their first recommendation in the process from

Liam O’Donnell Site / Terminal Manager at Eco-Oil Ltd

Dear John,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Read More

Energy Saving HVAC steam distribution from Humidity Solutions

Humidity Solutions has introduced the Neptronic X-Stream steam distributor, capable of reducing energy wastage in steam humidifiers serving HVAC systems by as much as 85%, with a typical return on investment within 15 months.

Th X-Stream is compatible with resistive, gas-fired, steam-to-steam and direct steam injection humidifiers. Its energy saving capabilities played a key role in the Neptronic SKD direct steam injection humidifier winning the Innovation Award at AHR Expo 2014. Read More

Water, Energy & Environment Article

Humidity control without high energy bills.

Humidity control is vital in maintaining workplace comfort but often overlooked. John Barker of Humidity Solutions discusses energy-efficient retrofit options.
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Neptronic SKD is an Award Winner

The Neptronic SKD is the winner of the 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Award!

The unit is the only automated and most efficient direct steam injection humidifier in the world.

The new generation of direct steam humidification includes features such as:
– Patent pending X-Stream technology – a high efficiency insulated distributor
– Double wall 304 stainless steel with encapsulated Armacell UT/Solafex foam insulation
– Manages operating sequences with a factory configured electronic steam controller (SKDESC)
– Patent pending re-evaporator provides drain-free operation
– Reduces wasted energy by 85%
– Prevents condensate ejection
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Humidity Solutions Attend AUE Gala Dinner

Association of University Engineers gala dinner 2013 was held at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich with guest speaker Dick Strawbridge.

Humidity Solutions exhibited their range of low energy humidifiers at the conference exhibition with Lindsey Henderson and John Barker attending the Gala Dinner. Read More

Humidity Solutions win University Challenge

Humidity Solutions whilst exhibiting at the Association of University Engineers conference at Goldsmiths University of London in early September took part in an the evening’s entertainment which was in the form of a quiz this year.

During a very pleasant evening the 20 tables answered a series of general knowledge questions with the Humidity Solutions Table come out winners in a closely fort contest. Read More

Humidity Solutions Visiting the OM Yoga Show

Humidity Solutions are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the OM Yoga Show which is being held in the National Hall at London Olympia on the 25-27th October.

Come and spend three days in yoga bliss, the total Yoga experience under one roof. The ninth annual Yoga Show will once again be held in the prestigious National Hall, Olympia. Read More

The new Airtec Easyline is at Humidity Solutions

Plug & Spray concept now featuring an improved controls system which is now on the unit and no longer controlled via the humidistat.

The perfect direct air application product for industries such as print & wood.

Airtec® EasyLine high-pressure air humidification system is targeted at medium to large sized areas.

Airtec® EasyLine is built with the control, solenoid valves, pump, display, frequency inverter and flow control – as a self contained unit. Its so much more than just an optimised solution.
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Humidity Solutions Provide a Flexible Solution

Humidity Solutions are proud to announce that they are one of the sponsors for The National Yoga Asana Championships in 2013, taking place at The Grange Hotel London on the 20th April 2013.

We are delighted to be involved and wish all the participants the very best for the competition. Read More

Hot Yoga Industry Testimonials

Humidity Solutions have been installing humidifiers in hot yoga studios and are happy to add some testimonials of which we are very proud of.

“We found John, Rob and the team superb from the word go. They really know their stuff when it comes to humidity problems and they provide and efficient, timely and professional service. We will be using them again without hesitation for our next studio launch.” – FeelHotYoga Read More

The 1st of many years cooperation

Pictured are John Barker of Humidity Solutions & Bo Rahbek of Airtec

Airtec are celebrating a successful first year of cooperation with Humidity Solutions Ltd.

The first year has been a productive one with the installation of humidification systems to industries as diverse as the print industry to tree storage as well as high tech glass fibre aircraft construction. Read More

Out with the Old and in with the New Humidity Solution.

Humidity Solutions Ltd has introduced a scrapage scheme where additional discounts are able to be offered to replace old inefficient humidifiers. Supported by Devatec and Neptronic, leading manufacturers of Electrode and resistive steam humidifier equipment, humidifiers of any manufacture requiring expensive spares are able to be replaced with the latest technology. The attractive pricing means that payback is often very short. With high cost of spares from some suppliers replacement is often the most cost effect way forward even if the humidifier is only a few years old.
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Humidity Solution to the power of three

Humidity Solutions are delighted to announce the addition of three new sales staff to the team.

Roger Palamarczuk has many years experience of humidification after working at Eaton Williams (Vapac) and at Walter Meier and shall be covering London and the South East with Bob Goodger who is equally knowledgeable through working in the AC and distribution trade. Read More

Carel, ElectroVap & Neptronic Spares

Humidity Solutions Ltd have a large range of ex stock spares available.

These spares include Carel, ElectroVap, Devatec and Neptronic parts available for all units. Ranging from cylinders to panels and electronic spares.

If you require a part please give us a call on 0844 822 1180 or email info@humiditysolutions.co.uk Read More

ElectroVap Is The Humidity Solution

Humidity Solutions are delighted to announce that they have signed an exclusive agreement with Devatec – the manufacturers of the Electro Vap Electrode boiler humidifiers.

Alex Ziche, Sales Manager for Devatec, who is shown in the photo at Humidity Read More

Now Recruiting

Due to further growth Humidity Solutions Ltd are interested to hear from good quality Sales and Service / Maintenance staff.

External Sales Engineers are required with Humidity control experience or experience from a related industry. Read More

Top Safety Accreditation

Humidity Solutions Ltd supplies, installs, and maintains humidifiers and dehumidifiers in a wide range of industries throughout the UK. Our service and installation engineers therefore face not only the risk associated with working on humidifiers but also those associated with our client’s activities. Read More