Refrigerant Dehumidifier Launch

Humidity solutions are pleased to announce the addition of a supurb range of refrigerant dehumidifiers which offer the ideal solutions for swimming pools and leisure centres as well as smaller drying applications such as laundary drying rooms, cellars, classic car storage or disaster recovery situations such as flooding and burst pipes.
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DE-Humidity Solution

Humidity Solutions have launched a range of dehumidifiers for the industrial and commercial sector. The desiccant dehumidifiers are idea for industrial process humidity control and low temperature dehumidification in areas such as warehouses and store rooms. Read More

Humidity Solutions Strengthen Their Cooperation with Fisair

Humidity Solutions Director Lindsey Henderson recently visited Juan Boeta Tejera, Managing Director of Tecniseco, who manufacture the Fisair range of Evaporative humidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers

Fisair is composed of a team of HVAC equipment technicians with a wealth of experience in air treatment based on humidity content. Read More