Can you afford to ignore humidity control?

In maintaining acceptable comfort conditions in workplaces, humidity control shouldn’t be an add-on that’s only included when budgets permit, it should be a standard requirement, says *John Barker.

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ACR Feature – Keeping cool with low moisture

The potential problems that can be caused by high humidity in cold rooms are typically tackled by dehumidifying the air. However, it is important to select the most appropriate solution for each application, as John Barker of Humidity Solutions explains.
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House & Humidity = Home

Humidity Solutions have recently resolved several issues in a residential property by installing an SKR steam humidifier.

The house in Goring On Thames, Oxfordshire has recently undergone extensive renovation to a design by architect Kate Cooper of Absolute Architecture. This included measures to reduce noise levels from a nearby railway line – including acoustic double glazing and the absence of trickle vents that could act as a path for noise to travel through. Read More

Relative Humidity In Cold Stores

Humidity control is often essential to the smooth running of cold stores, but the type
of humidity control varies from one application to another. John Barker of Humidity Solutions explains why some require dehumidification while for others humidification is the order of the day.
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Hot Studio Design Humidity & Heat

Since 2008 Humidity Solutions has provided humidification and/or heating solutions to over 50 studios in the UK and Europe, gaining years of experience on how to achieve good temperature and humidity control.

It has become evident that while we are very familiar with environmental control, most new hot yoga studio owners are learning from scratch. Consequently they often don’t know the right questions to ask to prospective landlords, builders and heating companies. It is also clear that once studio owners have been through the trauma of find out through ‘the school of hard knocks’ they are reluctant to pass on this knowledge and knowhow for fear of losing commercial advantage.
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Abbatoir Humidification

The Airtec high pressure water humidification system has been employed within abattoirs to greatly reduce financial losses within this market sector. The way of achieving this is to reduce the weight loss from the carcases as they are cooled from body temperature at 37°C to 12°C in a 12 hour period. During this period the product can lose up to 3% of its weight due to the carcase loosing moisture through the refrigeration process.
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Feature in H&V News

Humidity Solutions Sales Director John Barker is featured in this months Heating & Ventilation News publication.

In article reads:

Q&A – “Armageddon has probably been brought about by introducing my dinner guests”
John Barker – Sales Director at Humidity Solutions, on Kylie Minogue’s company, brown sauce and the privatisation of the M25
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Humidity Solutions Provides Another Hot & Happy Customer

Humidity Solutions have been providing my studio Bikram Yoga Brighton with the correct environment to allow my clients to sweat to their optimum. Without sweat Bikram Yoga would not be the same. Sweating through the largest organ of your body your skin, allows practitioners to detox and get a great deal hotter than with just dry heat. The service I have received from Humidity solutions from day 1 has been exceptional. I know the names of all the team and they have been on hand whenever I needed help. Read More

Ductless humidifier installations are often the Humidity Solution

Humidity Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of a new fan distribution unit which allows humidity to be added to applications where there isn’t any suitable ductwork and the humidifier should not be seen. This is thanks to the Neptronic Remote SDU for the Neptronic SKR unit.

Museums, art galleries, houses and humidors are typical of applications where humidity is desired or required but the aesthetics of the room is important and visually a humidifier is not acceptable. Read More

Steam Bath Steam Solutions

Steam bath steam generators have for many years been supplied by Humidity Solutions Ltd to the steam bath industry whether it be to manufacturers, facilities engineers or end user pool managers.

Offering Devatec electrode boiler or Neptronic resistive technologies all applications are catered for as either a simple stand alone steam generator or for a complete solution where the Wellness unit controls essence, operation of lights and can be supplied with a remote controller. Read More

Zero energy to Humidify offices with fan coils

Humidity control of offices, call centres, museums is a problem when the buildings are served with ceiling mounted fan coil units. The reason is that the fan coils provide excellent temperature control to the areas they serve but in winter they do not add moisture to maintain a comfortable humidity level when the natural humidity is at its lowest. In the summer the cooling strips out moisture from the air making the environment uncomfortably dry.
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Coping with the British weather not just humidity

Outdoor Installations

Humidifiers pose a unique issue when designing a roof top or outdoor system as the need to prevent the water within the humidifier from freezing but equally keeping the electronics cool has to be considered.

When considering a humidifier for installation outdoors, factors such as weatherproof design, ease of installation and operation, as well as ensuring reliability and performance become a major factor but are often ignored.
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New Hot Product for Steam Baths

Humidity Solutions are introducing the ElectroVap MC Steam Bath Generator.

This unit has been specially designed for steam bath applications to give the operator the most enjoyable and relaxing experience whilst in the steam bath.
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Humidifiers at your leisure

Humidifiers are becoming an essential for many of our leisure activities. Hot yoga is becoming increasing popular where students practice yoga in a studio at 40°C and 50%rh to protect muscles by allowing for a deeper stretch while also detoxifying the body by opening the skins pores to let the toxins out in sweat. Many of the world’s top celebrates and sports stars have stated their dependence on this form of exercise.
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Humidity Is The Print Solution

Humidity Solutions Ltd and Danish Humidifier manufacturer Airtec have both seen an expansion in all sectors of the print markets and have joined forces to take advantage of this growth. Using the Airtec technology alongside Humidity Solutions UK and Ireland market and application knowledge they have a strong team of engineers able to recommend the best humidity control and or environmental cooling for all requirements. Read More

Humidity Solutions Adds Airtec To Their Product Range

Humidity Solutions are excited to announce that they are now the exclusive distributor for the Airtec product range which includes:

– Airtec EasyLine
– Airtec HydroLine
– Airtec DigiSens
– Airtec HydroJet Ventilated Atomizer
– Airtec HydroTrio Ventilated Atomizer
– Airtec HydroBasic Control Unit
– Airtec Sliplock Nozzles
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Hot Yoga

Humidity Solutions have helped the fitness of the nation by installing a Carel Humisteam Humidifier at the Bikram Hot Yoga Studio Soho. Hot yoga takes place in a room held at over 40C which protects muscles by allowing for a deeper stretch while also detoxifying the body by opening the skins pores to let the toxins out in sweat. Read More

A Guide to Humidifier Maintenance

It is easy to forget about your humidifiers until your environment fails to meet your needs. This can be a real problem in the winter months when demand for humidification is typically at its highest. Read More

New Code of Practice for Humidifier Maintenance

HEVAC, the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association have released a new code of practice covering humidifier maintenance. This useful guide gives you clear, straight forward advice and what you should do to help ensure reliable and safe operation. Read More