Let’s Buy British

With the out break of Covid 19 the country has battened down the hatches and made our best effort to limit the effect of the Virus on the population.  As we loosen the restrictions, hopefully we will manage to keep the situation under control until a vaccine can be successfully produced.

However, as has been widely reported, the UK economy will likely take the biggest hit it has ever experienced, leading us into recession and tough times ahead.

Staycations are being promoted to get the UK holiday sector back up and running and I am sure we will all support our local shops, pubs, and gyms when they can re-open to give them a boost.

The same can be done in business.  Supporting UK companies who sell UK produced goods should be considered, and changes made to support our home market and jobs.

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British Made Steam Humidifiers

I may be accused of self-interest here and rightly so.  I started Humidity Solutions 11 years ago and whilst not all our suppliers are UK-based, we do represent Vapac who are the only UK steam humidifier manufacturer.  Made in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, the company is British owned with a strong UK history, the founding company Eaton Williams being based just down the road from us in Edenbridge, Kent.  Most of the components are still locally sourced in the UK; circuit boards, steam cylinders, cabinets and valves are all UK manufactured, providing jobs and income for the UK economy.

Competitors to the steam humidifier from Switzerland, Italy and America are sold in the UK, but offer little or no technical or price advantage.  By comparison they have a large carbon footprint with the additional transportation and commonly have the disadvantage of longer lead times for delivery and poor technical back up.

This argument cannot only be made for humidifiers: in the HVAC sector the same could be said of Air handling units, close control air conditioning systems, controls, and sensors.

So, whether it be using your local butcher, having a holiday in the UK, or buying a steam humidifier – let’s pull together and consider buying British.