Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The air that we breath is as important as the food we eat and the exercise we take when it comes to physical fitness, health and wellbeing.

At work, in the home and whilst at leisure the time we spend indoors is considerable – having a measurable effect on our physical and mental health – and yet we let other people, old or poor building designs and perhaps inappropriate maintenance regimes determine the quality of the air that we breath. Pollution and Viruses are just the headlines.

To monitor, record and then be able to rectify the situation could not be easier and provides peace of mind as we go about our daily tasks.

The following pages outline the solutions to providing an improved indoor air quality and, perhaps more importantly, the knowledge that the environment that we occupy is in fact as good as it can be, by filtering out fumes, reducing CO2, stabilising humidity and providing low cost low energy cooling where applicable.

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Mikropor Mia Air Filter

the latest in Hepa filtration. Operated via an app you can keep an eye on, and control over, the particles in the air.


With an informative and visually easy to read display which also logs continuously the readings from sensors showing VOC, Particles in the air, humidity and temperature allowing you to see air quality over time.

Humidity & Cooling

Using the very latest technology the HomEvap can be very simply installed to provide perfect humidity control and/or cooling at an energy rate that make air conditioning systems seem unbelievably energy hungry.

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