Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a recent innovation where a control panel is fitted with a mobile connection or is linked to the site’s internet. This sends information from the humidifier to a secure cloud data store where Humidity Solutions service team can pick up live data to monitor.

Remote monitoring is ideally suited to applications where humidity control is important to production, or where site labour is under pressure to ensure that production equipment is operating to its optimum level, but do not have the resources or expertise to look after this specialist equipment.

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Key advantages of Remote Monitoring:

  • Optimised service schedule – only maintained when the service is due.


  • Quicker response in the event of a fault – automatically generated alerts are picked up by the help-desk enabling real time remote testing and diagnostics can begin before an engineer is on site.


  • Real time visibility – customers have the user-friendly dashboard showing key system information, available across pc, tablet and smartphone.