Case Studies

Humidifier and Dehumidifier for Perfect Control in Museum

What do you do with a museum and gallery where the humidity swings over a wide range – even when the temperature control is spot on?

Improvements at Ash Safety with Humidity Solutions’ Dehumidifiers

Humidity Solutions Ltd recently installed a desiccant dehumidifier and controller for confined space and height safety specialists – Ash Safety – as part of a major upgrade in their chemical re-breather service area, to ensure that the humidity control consistently remains within the workable limits for MSA 30-100 and MSA Savox re-breathers.

Air Humidification In Recycling

One of the biggest recycling companies in Munich, Germany improved the working environment and the productivity by installing an air humidification system from Airtec®.

Constant Conditions Vital for Working With Lithium-ion Batteries

Humidity management is a prerequisite for peak performance in lithium-ion battery development…


Recent years have seen a growing number of British producers entering the charcuterie and cured meats market, and the quality and variety of products is expanding rapidly. Many producers are existing farmers or butchers who have diversified, but the market has also attracted people with quite different prior experience. Humidity Solutions has had the pleasure of being involved in a number of projects….

Humidification and eye lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing trends in the UK for the modern woman’s beauty regime. The painstakingly long appointments (that are very much worth the wait!) can take on average between 1.5-3.5 hours. The process involves the isolation of one natural lash to apply an extension using adhesive, this involves patience and even more importantly the correct conditions.

To hear a novel song regarding the importance of the correct humidity level for eye lash application see below:

Credit: Ideal Humidity, Xtreme Lashes, Dana Bacon.

Another Hot Yoga success story for Humidity Solutions

Humidity Solutions has delivered another bespoke heating and humidification solution for Coventry Hot Yoga.

Humidity Solutions provides bespoke solution for salami fermentation

Humidity Solutions has delivered a bespoke humidification solution to the Chiltern Charcuterie in Buckinghamshire to provide humidification for salami fermentation.

Turnkey humidity control system supports digital print quality.

A full turnkey humidification system from Humidity Solutions is ensuring stable 50% RH humidity in the digital print room of KnowledgePoint in Reading, Berkshire. This ensures stock is maintained in best condition and provides the dimensional stability required for high quality finishing.

Airtec – Teerenpeli Whisky Distillery

Reduced evaporation and loss of whisky volume during the maturing process

Neptronic – Condensation Control

Better Prevent Than Cure
Window Temperature Sensor and Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Enhanced humidity control for data storage

Problems caused by poor humidity control in a large storage warehouse have been resolved by Humidity Solutions with a system that combines both humidification and dehumidification.

UKAS Laboratory Humidity Control

A humidification system designed and supplied by Humidity Solutions is helping leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie to maintain precise humidity conditions in its timber conditioning chambers. The turnkey solution has used two Neptronic SKE resistive humidifiers, which have a high tolerance of mineral build-up without affecting output or control.

Hot Yoga heating and humidity control

The Vesuvius unit provides air movement, filtration, heating, humidification and to be able to introduce fresh air all built onto one propose built insulated unit which is specifically designed to be able to fit thought standard doors and to be mobile for simple installation and location. Having said this The Vesuvius unit at Newbury needed to be taken up stairs which was tight and required some careful manoeuvring but was possible due to the design.

A holistic view of humidity control

Ensuring that the RH did not fall below 45% required the use of a humidifier in the supply air duct serving the room and, as noted above, it was necessary to select the most appropriate type of humidifier for the conditions that would be experienced.

Domestic humidity control

The installation of an SKR steam humidifier into a landing cupboard with the moisture introduced into a central communal area via a through the wall ventilation grill was the solution.

Fisair DFRB Pump Station Dehumidification

Fisair have recently supplied a customer who’s reason to dehumidify this room is that the client wished to prevent condensation occuring on the pipes to prevent corrosion.
Water plants use water normally from underground sources.

Fisair DFRIGO – Cold Store Installations

Fisair have recently supplied Humidity Solutions with some examples of DFRIGO cold store installations. One it to blow dry air in two pre-chambers connecting the production area and the cold chamber. Another is another type of installation of the DFRIGO in a cold store and the other is an example of a dock and cold/chill store infiltration airflow.

High End Humidity Applications

Comment on humidity control for H & V News Attributable to John Barker, Sales Director, Humidity SolutionsIt is clearly the case that every humidity control system needs to be designed to take account of the particular requirements of each project, albeit that the majority of projects share some similarities. However, there are a number of what might be described as ‘high-end‘ applications that can be especially challenging for the building services engineer.

Tailored solution tackles humidity and temperature control

Humidity Solutions has delivered a turnkey humidity control / adiabatic cooling solution to a medical injection moulding company in the East of England, enabling close control of humidity while also providing low energy adiabatic cooling.

One of the processes at the facility involves injection-moulding plastic drink bottles, which are distributed all over the world. Consistent humidity and temperature are essential in maximising the performance of this process and facilitating the pad printing process onto the bottles. At the same time, the company was keen to achieve these environmental conditions with minimum energy consumption, in line with its rigorous sustainability policy……read more by downloading the pdf below.

Dehumidifier Applications – Plastics Industry

Fisair Dehumidifiers are also applicable for use in the plastic industry.The presence of ambient humidity in a wide range of processes carried out in the plastics industry has a direct impact on the quality of the end product, and is especially significant with regards to transformation operations involving the injection and moulding of raw materials.

The optimum solution used in the industry to tackle the situation of the formation of condensation is the implementation of a desiccant rotor dehumidification system, which makes it possible to control dew points on the surface of the moulds and in turn operate using lower mould refrigeration temperatures without the risk.

Therefore production volumes can be increased while maintaining the quality of the end product.

Dehumidifier Applications – Museums

Did you know…The air conditioning systems in old buildings are not always able to maintain the air conditions required for the conservation of certain materials such as:

– Old books, dried animals and animals parts, dried plants, textile materials, paper, paint on canvas and parchments, photographs, films, wooden objects.

– Valuable materials susceptible to corrosion: Historical tools and machinery.

In these situations a dehumidifier is the recommended installation in order to dry the exterior air currents from the mechanical ventilation systems from infiltration as well.

Stable humidity optimises digital print operation

Humidity Solutions has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a humidity control solution for digital print specialist VGL. The two ELMC10 electrode boiler humidifiers are maintaining the precise and stable humidity control required for a new HP 5600 digital printer at VGL’s facility in Reading.Established since 1976, VGL is a family-run company with a strong track record for investing in the latest print technologies to ensure it is offering its customers the best print quality and service. “We recently upgraded to the HP 5600, which is considerably faster than the previous printer we were using,” VGL’s Russell Fry explained. “However, to maintain the required throughput reliably we needed to ensure the relative humidity was stable.

“We spoke to a number of humidity specialists and it was clear that Humidity Solutions had the best understanding of what our business required, as well as the technical requirements for the printer,” he added.

The two ELMC10 humidifiers are fitted with direct air ventilation units to distribute water vapour directly into the space, and are positioned at high level to ensure efficient distribution with no wetting of machinery. The units have been sized to allow for 12 air changes per hour and achieve a minimum of 50% RH and maximum of 70% RH (non-condensing) at 20-25°C.

In maintaining a stable humidity, the units are ensuring the printed products are of high quality while also eliminating static electricity.

Dehumidifier Applications – Confectionary and Chocolate

Humidity Solutions are proud to announce the latest applications in which a Fisair Dehumidifier can be installed. Fisair has recently published its application catalogue “humidity control in the chocolate and confectionery industry”.The use of dry air in the process of making chocolate, candy and sweets is especially beneficial for increasing productive capacity, independently of weather conditions, and optimize the quality of the products.

With FISAIR dehumidifiers will definitively reduce or eliminate all problems that occur when the humidity is high, especially during winter, avoiding clogging and packaged products from becoming sticky.

Installing a Fisair dehumidifier in a cooling chamber is achieved:

– Prevent condensation problems, hygiene and crystallization
– Protect the package against the softening
– Maintain product quality

Dehumidifier Applications – The Brewing Industry

Humidity Solutions are proud to announce that Fisair manufactures equipment and humidity control components for different food production processes, including beer making, that is very demanding as regards to humidity control refers,it is vital to maintain specific conditions to improve quality in a clean, germ-free and parameters controlled temperature and humidity.

Critical points are placed in the storage and pneumatic conveying commodities.

Temperature changes are characteristic of beer production and can cause humidity and condensation problems.

With Fisair dehumidifiers dry air is achieved continuously maintaining the wineries in conditions ideal temperature and humidity, dew points even getting down to -25 °C, this way is possible avoiding condensation in the form of ice.

Abbatoir Humidification

The Airtec high pressure water humidification system has been employed within abattoirs to greatly reduce financial losses within this market sector. The way of achieving this is to reduce the weight loss from the carcases as they are cooled from body temperature at 37°C to 12°C in a 12 hour period. During this period the product can lose up to 3% of its weight due to the carcase loosing moisture through the refrigeration process.

Very fine sprays produced by the Airtec high pressure water system surround the product with high humidity air of around 95%rh to reduce the evaporation process to limit the amount of weight lost. This is achieved because as the cool air is warmed as it passes the carcase the air is able to increase its moisture carrying capacity so when the air is humid this becomes to source rather than taking moisture from the product. On a side of beef this can be as much as 3kg which as the product is sold by weight this is a 3kg loss in value and hence lost profit

Turnkey humidity solution solves packaging testers problems

Humidity Solutions has delivered a turnkey humidity control solution to specialist packaging testers, enabling the company to maintain close control of humidity in its test facility.

The test house works with clients in the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, specialising in testing packaging to ensure its suitability for purpose. In order to be able to compare the performance of different materials and designs it is essential that the environmental conditions in the company’s test facilities are consistent from one test to another.

The existing electrode steam boilers were experiencing regular scaling up and were unable to maintain the required humidity. Humidity Solutions were invited to advise on a system that would achieve conditions of 50% RH (+/- 5%) at 23C (+/- 2C).”

The proposed solution was to replace the existing units with Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifiers served with demineralised water from reverse osmosis plant to prevent scaling problems. The stainless steel tanks and resistive elements in the Neptronic humidifiers allow this quality of water to be used. One of the units is installed on the central air handling unit serving the laboratories, while the other is built into a close control air conditioning unit.

“Humidity Solutions provided the complete solution, from diagnosing the existing problems and designing a new system, through to supplying, installing and commissioning the most appropriate humidifiers and water treatment plant. Providing the complete service provided the peace of mind that the client wanted and a year on from the installation the system is working perfectly with very pleasing results.

Belting Solution

Humidity Solutions Ltd have helped Marathon Belting improve the production environment with the installation of the Airtec EasyLine high pressure cold water humidification system.Humidity plays a critical part in the manufacturing process for Marathon Beltings specialist range of woven belting products.
The correct humidity is essential to maintaining the suppleness of the raw materials and this suppleness is achieved with the use of a the Airtec EasyLine humidification system, the system atomizes cold water at 50 bar pressure through its dedicated nozzle system, in this instance the 6 nozzle ceiling suspended HydroJet units with built in ventilators for fast and even distribution of the atomized water were used. As localised humidity was the preferred option for Marathon Belting the system was configured into 3 zones, each zone dedicated to a particular production area and each area having its own localised control.
The results exceeded the expectations of Marathon Belting resulting in a more consistent weave throughout production thus resulting in fewer rejections due to poor weave consistency, greater accuracy in maintaining tolerance bands, fewer breakdowns, increased production, dust suppression, and due to the adiabatic cooling effect of the evaporating water a cooler working environment and happier operators.
Although Marathon Belting are not monitoring the water and electrical consumption of the new Airtec EasyLine system compared to the old compressed air system and the rotary atomizer system it replaced, they can expect a saving in water used due to the highly efficient water atomization of the Airtec nozzles and ventilated atomizers, they can expect a saving in the region of £1,600.00 per year in electricity consumed by the compressor. They no longer have to worry about the potential health issues caused by the rotary atomizer system as the design; manufacture and materials used in the Airtec EasyLine system along with its built in self flushing cycle and other safety features resolve this issue. They were impressed by the simple to operate, run, and maintain nature of the EasyLine system as well as the ease and speed of the installation due to the Airtec SlipLock push fit system and the flexibility the SlipLock system gives them should they wish to expand the system in the future.
Humidity Solutions provided a full turnkey solution by designing, supplying, installing and commissioning the systems as well as offering an ongoing maintenance contract.

Steam Humidification for Bikram Yoga

Humidity Solutions have helped the fitness of the nation by installing a ElectroVap Humidifier at several of the Bikram Hot Yoga Studio’s throughout the country.
Hot yoga takes place in a room held at over 42°C which protects muscles by allowing for a deeper stretch while also detoxifying the body by opening the skins pores to let the toxins out in sweat. Ambient air being brought in to the studio and heated to 40°C could drop the humidity down to below 10%rh which would make exercise very uncomfortable. Humidity is therefore introduced to bring the studio up to a comfortable 40%rh allowing the students to benefit fully from the class and not to suffer from dry skin, sore eyes or excessive dehydration of the body. The installation and commissioning, is normally carried out by Humidity Solutions experienced installation team within a single day causing little disruption to the Yoga studio or the customers. Controlled by a duct sensor and wired back to the humidifiers internal controller allows the customer to set the operational time of the unit with the integral 7 day timer. The controller constantly monitors the humidity required by comparing the controlling sensor to the high level sensor readings in the supply air. This ensures that over humidification does not take place in the supply duct and that the room conditions remain tightly controlled.

Digital Printer Editorial – It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity

Control of the environment is understood to be important in ensuring the smooth running of digital printing equipment. To control the temperature is easy and we confidently know the solution. Temperature is obvious and can be judged as soon as you walk in to a room – too hot, too cold. Easy. Installing an air condition unit solves the temperature problem. However if we look at the definition of air conditioning, we get a clue as to why this cooling unit does not solve all the production issues to do with controlling the climate in the press room. The Concise Oxford Dictionary definition is: ‘Having the air in a room cleaned and brought to required humidity and temperature. All hygroscopic materials such as paper react to variations in moisture levels in the air, so when printing the humidity level is a vital factor in maintaining a productive environment. Humidity control is an essential component in printing, but why do we need it in the cold wet climate of the UK? It’s because the air temperature and the humidity are permanently linked. If you change one the other shall follow,but frequently not in the right direction for a digital printer who’s trying to produce a quality product.

Digital Printer Editorial – It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity

Humidity Solutions Ltd have been proud suporters of Helen and Douglas House over the past few years by supporting their fund raising events called Childish Things 7.

It is primarily a comedy night which over the years has been supported by all – and I mean all – the top acts in the UK.

Proformers last year included Jeremy Clarkson, Rory Bremner, Graham Norton, Rowan Atkinson, Bill Bailey and Jason Manford.

Some of Humidity Solutions customers came along to enjoy the evening as our guests. The evening started with a bite to eat at the Malmasion Hotel before heading to the theatre for a great evenings entertainment. A wonderful charity to help raise funds for

Azerbaijan Oil Rig Installation

Humidity Solutions have supplied and installed four resistive steam humidifiers to the Caspian Sea oil rigs off Azerbaijan. These humidifiers are provided to sever the accommodation blocks of the rigs which are home to the oil workers for up to a month at a time. Despite being surrounded by water the cooler air temperatures and constant air conditioning reduces the moisture content in the air to an uncomfortably low level without the assistance of these humidifiers.Installation was carried out by Humidity Solutions engineers after undergoing the off shore safety course in Aberdeen which included being strapped to a replica helicopter as it is plunged into icy water and rolled over to simulate a ditching in the sea.

FMBuyersGuide Cover Story – Humidification Control

Using the CAREL range of humidifiers Humidity Solutions project managed, installed and commissioned the High pressure water adiabatic humidification system within the plenum serving a high profile data centre. The high heat gains generated by the equipment can easily cause the relative humidity of the return air from the data hall to fall as low as 15-20% rH. The recommended lowest limit value for avoiding a significantly high risk of electrostatic discharge is 40% – 45% rH, therefore humidification is essential to increase the moisture levels of the air to an acceptable level avoiding dangerous electrostatic discharges which can have catastrophic effects.By controlling the air temperature and humidity, the server components at the board level are kept within the manufacturer’s specified temperature/humidity range. Products such as Electric steam and Gas steam humidifiers are still favoured choices owing to their low cost and control precision, but have high energy requirements and expensive on-going maintenance costs. This is no longer the preferred choice when
minimal power consumption and the most energy efficient design is required.

Humiserv – Humidity at your service

Humiserv the service division of Humidity Solutions Ltd gained several planned maintenance contracts recently demonstrating the wide range of applications that require good humidity control. Hot yoga studios, a Cuban Night club and gluten free bakers have all taken out a cost effective maintenance contract to ensure peace of mind and the most efficient performance from their humidifiers. Planned scheduled maintenance guarantee’s all these users excellent control and the required stable humidity.Countrywide Studio’s where Hot Yoga is practiced require 42C and 40% relative humidity to create the desired environment for a good work out and the Cuban nightclub in central London requires a stable 50% humidity for its walk in humidor to preserve the finest Havana Cigars. The gluten free bread produced in South Wales is held in a proving oven at 95%rh to ensure the perfect loaf prior to baking. All the sites have the Humisteam electrode boiler humidifiers installed.

Gas Humidifaction Is The Clear Solution

Humidity Solutions Ltd have supplied and installed a 90kg/hr Carel gas fired steam humidifier to serve a presigious office block in Bristol. The personel within the building were suffering from the effects of low humidity within their offices so Hoare Lea and Ptns special projects were called in to provide the solution.

Project management was provided by Maxwel Stewart with the humidifier serving the sites existing air handling unit so giving effective humidity distriubtion through out the four floors via the air movement system.