Humidity Solutions offer the range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers which have been selected from the most respected manufacturers from around the world.

These include adiabatic and isothermal technologies (cold water and steam) which can offer low energy consumption, low maintenance, sterile vapor and / or quick payback periods by selecting the best equipment for your application. Our expertise is waiting to make the selection for you back up with reports or data relating to your site or project.

Evaporative humidifiers offer low energy humidification and free cooling for data centers, offices or factories.

The Airtec Easyline high pressure water system offers the perfect solution to large factory areas such as printers, electronic factories, car manufacturing and glass houses to introduce he moisture directly into the space, without the need for ducting or fans, delivering the humidity control straight to the area that requires it. In duct options have also just been launched using the Hydroline high pressure nozzle system.

Neptronic steam humidification is a favorite as they offer superb reliability, sterile steam and good control at a low capital cost. The real work horse of the humidifier world providing humidity control to a whole host of applications from Hot yoga studio’s to some of London’s most prestigious offices to cheese stores to Humidors. The are also steam generators for steam baths and Turkish baths.

Humidity Solutions also provide the BV / BUS compressed air and water humidifiers which are perfect for many industrial applications such as litho printer, wine stores, cheese stores, cold stores and food storage facilities.

Humidity Solutions are the exclusive distributor for Neprtonic, who supply the ideal solution for the close control or large duty. SKE provides the close control or is a solution where only the minimum of maintenance is acceptable. Even less when combined with treated water. SKG is the gas fired steam humidifier range which provides duties up to 400kg/hr. A beast of the humidifier which provides great control over a large volume of steam from one cabinet whilst using the cheapest energy source.

Live steam and steam to steam humidifiers SKD provide the solution when a central steam boiler is on site such as in many hospitals, operating theatres and large manufacturing facilities. Desiccant dehumidifiers from Fisair complete the range with equipment ranging from a domestic drying room to large units keeping mothballed power stations corrosion free to providing incredibly low humidity to Pharmaceutical companies.