Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is becoming a growing part of the agriculture industry in the UK.

Cannabis requires a particular way of growing and there are some similarities and differences between growing cannabis and growing vegetables/herbs indoors.

Just as with vegetables, humidity control is an important factor that needs to be considered for indoor cannabis production. The amount of moisture in the air affects the transpiration rate of the plants, which refers to the amount of water lost by plants. Transpiration is responsible for moving water and nutrients from the root to other parts of the plant. However, when humidity levels are too high or too low, transpiration slows and curbs plant growth. The correct humidity level is therefore extremely important, anything outside of this ideal range will cause the stomata to close as a stress-induced response.

The ideal humidity for cannabis plants in seedling form is 70%, falling to 50%-55% while in flowering and vegetative form and reducing furthermore for the drying purpose to around 40-50%. These figures could differ depending on the genetics of the cannabis plant but with any drying process it is important not to dry too quickly so a gradual drying process is required.

Mould can be problematic for cannabis production so it is vital the correct humidity is adhered to as mould can spread quickly through the crop. If mould is present there is a risk the whole crop can be rejected as strict standards for medicinal cannabis need to be adhered to. The aim of the medicinal cannabis minimum quality standard is to ensure the consistency and quality of the products that medical practitioners prescribe to their patients.

With the range of equipment available to us, Humidity Solutions can design and install the complete humidity control system for the efficient, consistent production of medicinal cannabis.

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One of the biggest practical challenges in brewing setups stems from condensation—and all the problems and costs that follow with it. When warmer air laden with water vapour comes into contact with cooler surfaces (such as metal structures, tanks and pipework), it usually condenses—and then drips, pools and accumulates on surfaces, structures and equipment. This can result in corrosion, affecting buildings and structures, where microbial and bacterial growths can flourish, and where there are constant safety hazards.

Desiccant dehumidification solutions enable you to control the dew point of the air so that condensation cannot arise, putting you back in control of conditions inside your brewery, so you can focus on what you do best.

Better control means lower costs, less risk, better hygiene and greater efficiency. Controlling the dew point, preventing problems. Our range of desiccant dehumidifiers from Cotes enables you to maintain any specific dew point below a certain set value, giving full control over humidity conditions in any section of your brewery.

Furthermore, the Cotes desiccant dehumidifiers have the added advantage — particularly when compared to low-cost, simple condensation dehumidifiers — of being equally effective all year round and over the entire temperature range from -25°C to 40°C.


  • Condensation-free structures, with no dripping
  • Mould and mildew-free inner walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Dry floors
  • Better general hygiene
  • Fewer accidents or health and safety risks
  • More reliable electrical installations
  • Lower maintenance costs for building

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Post Harvest

  • Highly effective for Salad, Baby Leaf and Brassica.
  • Maximise pick weight
  • Improve quality & shelf life
  • Improving nature’s freshness
  • Absorbed naturally, being smaller than the stomata in the leaves
  • Promotes faster, more efficient cooling with less energy used
  • Removes field heat quickly and efficiently
  • Extended storage times
  • Up to 95% humidity
  • Enables strategic cropping – harvest when conditions are poor

Using the latest ultrasonic humidification technology we reduce the dehydration your crop suffers whilst in cold storage. We use pure water, no chemicals to fill the cold store with a visible fog which will penetrate your crop and re-hydrate it. This natural process is known as the Adiabatic effect (evaporative cooling). By rehydrating your crop you can maximise the pick weight, enhance the quality, locking in the natural freshness with just purified water. Additional benefits you will also experience are lower energy costs as this process promotes more efficient cooling with less energy used due to removing field heat quickly. The produce will see an extended shelf life and you can store your crop for longer periods or when weather conditions are poor otherwise known as strategic cropping.

This technology is gaining in popularity at a time when consumers are pushing for reduced plastic usage and so this technology is high in demand. Not only does this allow you to use less plastic in the cold store so the crop is effectively naked, the produce will have a longer shelf life in the retail environment – with or without plastic – and so helping the fight against food wastage.

With Brexit looming our systems enable growers to harvest when field conditions are good and staff are available. The produce can then be held in your cold store until required. This offers increased flexibility and enables resources to be managed rather than be driven by fluctuating supply and demand.

Our crop hydration systems can be retro fitted into existing cold stores or installed for new build.

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.  It is an area which requires a very carefully controlled environment.  Humidification, dehumidification, or both may be required to maintain optimum growing conditions.

In our most recent install Humidity Solutions supplied a cold water high pressure system from our partner Airtec for an application in the north west of England.  Previously, stand-alone small capacity units had been forbearing in this industry, but the advantages of using an Airtec system soon became apparent.

The Airtec system offers the advantages of being able to control multiple areas off one control panel which in turn reduces maintenance and simplifies installation. Installation is further simplified using easy to install flexible hose and push fit connections. Control is via a sensor per zone with a different humidity level able to be set for each area if desired.

Mobile dehumidifiers are also often used in this environment with Humidity Solutions able to select from a wide range of desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers alongside the mobile equipment.

Similar processes where humidity control is beneficial are:

  • Micro herbs
  • Hydroponics
  • Propagation
  • Aquaponics
  • Aeroponics
  • Root Hydration
  • Medicinal Cannabis Humidification
  • Medicinal Marijuana Humidification
  • Ripening Rooms

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