Post Harvest

  • Highly effective for Salad, Baby Leaf and Brassica.
  • Maximise pick weight
  • Improve quality & shelf life
  • Improving nature’s freshness
  • Absorbed naturally, being smaller than the stomata in the leaves
  • Promotes faster, more efficient cooling with less energy used
  • Removes field heat quickly and efficiently
  • Extended storage times
  • Up to 95% humidity
  • Enables strategic cropping – harvest when conditions are poor

Using the latest ultrasonic humidification technology we reduce the dehydration your crop suffers whilst in cold storage. We use pure water, no chemicals to fill the cold store with a visible fog which will penetrate your crop and re-hydrate it. This natural process is known as the Adiabatic effect (evaporative cooling). By rehydrating your crop you can maximise the pick weight, enhance the quality, locking in the natural freshness with just purified water. Additional benefits you will also experience are lower energy costs as this process promotes more efficient cooling with less energy used due to removing field heat quickly. The produce will see an extended shelf life and you can store your crop for longer periods or when weather conditions are poor otherwise known as strategic cropping.

This technology is gaining in popularity at a time when consumers are pushing for reduced plastic usage and so this technology is high in demand. Not only does this allow you to use less plastic in the cold store so the crop is effectively naked, the produce will have a longer shelf life in the retail environment – with or without plastic – and so helping the fight against food wastage.

With Brexit looming our systems enable growers to harvest when field conditions are good and staff are available. The produce can then be held in your cold store until required. This offers increased flexibility and enables resources to be managed rather than be driven by fluctuating supply and demand.

Our crop hydration systems can be retro fitted into existing cold stores or installed for new build.

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