Pharmaceuticals and Cleanrooms

Humidity control plays a vital role in the production of pharmaceuticals by providing a stable condition in which to research, manufacture and develop. Processes and products are affected directly by moisture levels and can suppress unhelpful electro static charge and dust particles.

Humidifiers which provide very close control (+/- 1% RH) and long service life are essential in these areas so as not to cause inconsistent conditions or results – the use of water treatment is sometimes helpful in providing this stability

Both Cleanrooms and Pharmaceutical applications benefit from the above but where Home Office regulations are also involved they are legally required.

What our cleanroom and pharmaceutical customers say about us...

MD - Oxford University

MD - Oxford University

We have always been impressed by the application knowledge of Humidity Solutions staff, which enables them to create exactly the right environment for each situation.  The installation process and ongoing maintenance and service of the equipment is also dealt with professionally, and I would highly recommend this company.

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