Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Controlled conditions for hypersensitive processes

In the manufacture of lithium-ion cells, the alkaline materials used for cathodes, anodes and electrolytes are exceptionally sensitive to moisture. This means manufacturers need to keep the air in their dry rooms at dew points far lower than in the ambient air. Target levels of -60°C and relative humidity of 0.5% is common.

The biggest differentiate of our systems is the ability to connect to multiple renewable energy sources using Cotes Ultra Dry Air Technology, thus reducing energy costs and making battery production more sustainable and cheaper.  The diagram below helps explain the concept.

The Cotes range of flexible dehumidifiers are specially designed and configured to make this possible, with the remarkable levels of reliability essential in lithium-ion battery manufacture and assembly.


The graph below shows the different sources’ energy contributions to the total cell production and battery pack assembly energy in a typical battery manufacturing facility represented as Index 100. [SOURCE] Data from Yuan et al. (2017).


  • Capable of removing uncontrolled humidity from very large volumes of air
  • Exceptional reliability – important for operations-critical environments
  • Easy to configure to specialist requirements in lithium-ion battery manufacture, even with dew points as low as -74.5°C.
  • Designed to achieve exceptionally low energy consumption and operating costs
  • Available with advanced monitoring and control systems for maximum flexibility
  • More than 100 installations in lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities worldwide


  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 95%
  • Up to 66% reduction in dry room energy bills
  • Extremely low dew points, down to -120°C for better safety and quality
  • Exceptional control of clean room manufacturing conditions
  • Better electrolyte performance, better product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs
  • Maximum production uptime
  • Lower service and maintenance costs

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