Leisure and Wellness Centres

Humidification of leisure and wellness centres is important as it ensures that the user of the centre can breathe properly, without problems such as dryness in the upper airways. Correct humidification can reduce the feeling of being cold and therefore allows the temperature of the rooms to be kept lower, in turn saving on energy bills and limiting heat that is lost. Another benefit of the correct humidity solution is that there would be a reduction in the amount of dust suspended in the air.

As well as leisure and wellness centres, humidification solutions can be found in Turkish baths. These work on the principle of dry heat mixed with cold plunges. There is a graded series of heated rooms that cleanse, relax and boost circulation. These rooms would be supplied with steam from a humidity solutions unit which would benefit the visitor of the centre by opening and cleansing their pores, and also cleansing their respiratory system.

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