Data Centres and Telecom Rooms

It is very important to operate computer and networking equipment within a fairly narrow temperature range, this ensures reliable operation as well as giving the longest possibe life to the components working within that environment. This is important as even a few degrees too hot can blow a server chip. This could lead to a considerable cost to repair or refurbish the server, as well as the amount of money lost in the time that the server would be offline.

If the data centre or telecom room is operating under poor humidification control this could result in a potential accumulation of static electricity, which if discharged could damage the electronic components in the equipment.

The limit value for avoiding the risk of static electrical discharges is 35%. This limit value can occur as there is heat generated by the equipment as well as the inadequate recirculation of air.

Humidity Solutions can supply and install the best humidification solutions for the data centres and telecom room applications which can mean that the equipment lives up to its life expectancy and cost effectiveness.

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