Humidity Solutions can offer packaged equipment to humidify and dehumidify your drying and curing rooms to ensure you maintain 60 to 70% Relative Humidity whilst removing moisture from the product.  Whether it’s a 10 day process for Salami, 20 days for Chorizo, or longer, we can maintain the conditions and reduce the moisture to your own closely guarded recipe.

The dehumidifiers used are generally desiccant units due the low temperatures that the product is required to be kept at – typically 10-12C – with humidity of 70-80%rh. Wet meat gives off moisture so the rooms are required to be dried with the dehumidifier so as not to let mould develop on the outer surfaces.

Where humidfication is required, Vapac’s LE range of electrode boiler humidifiers are typical as they can provide controlled moisture delivery in relatively small volumes in the production areas.  Alternatively, in hard water areas, we can offer Neptronic’s SKR humidifier with water treatment, which gives the added benefit of very low maintenance requirements and reduced ongoing spares – saving longer term costs.

Humidity Solutions is delighted to have supported British Charcuterie Live since its inception, and in 2021 we sponsored the Star Award of Best New Product which was won by Rare and Pasture for their Pork and Fennel Salami. The aim of the awards is to champion quality British Charcuterie producers and ensure these craft makers receive the recognition they deserve.

Humidity Solutions offer a free survey, design and quotation, and an installation service as well as a maintenance contract for the life span of the systems and equipment.

Talk to the experts in this exciting artisan food market.

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For further detailed information, we have produced our own package.

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What our charcuterie customers say about us...

JM - Chiltern Charcuterie

JM - Chiltern Charcuterie

“Humidity Solutions took the time to fully understand our requirements and propose the best solution – delivering the equipment within a few days. We are very pleased with the system and the service we received.”

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