Yoga Studio Heater/Humidifer

Model – Vesuvius mobile yoga studio heating / humidification tower internal unit delivering 0.6 m3/s of air to achieve 40C 50%rh in a studio of 200m3.
The casing is fabricated around an aluminium “pentapost” type framework. Panels are double skinned and constructed from galvanised sheet steel inner and outer skins insulated with 25mm thick, high density, mineral wool slab.

The Humidity Solutions Vesuvius was purposely designed to provide the ideal Hot yoga environment.

Constant air flow ensures low accoustic impact in the studio with silent heater operation and pure steam humidity added to create a comfortable environment.

Conditioned air is added via ductwork to suit the studio look – funky fabric or sterile stainless steel.

Fresh air can be introduced via the Vesusius system to conform with building regulations with the option of a heat recovery unit to ensure high energy efficiency. Filtration eliminates odours with an essence pump adding your desired fregrence to the supply air.

All inspection panels are of the lift off type retained with zinc plated screw fixings.

Built in controls ensure that all the components needed to provide the perfect studio atmostphere work seamlessly together with programmably timer and auto start / stop shown on a straight forward operator interface control panel.

Vesuvius the only system designed specifically for Hot studio’s.

The unit would be supplied in ONE section c/w casters.

Humidifier 10kg/hr steam humidifier.

The unit comprises the following components in direction of airflow:

a) Perforated air inlet plate.

b) Disposable, synthetic bag filter with an arrestance of G4 to BS EN779 2002.

c) Forward curved double inlet centrifugal EC fan (0-10 VDC control signal required). Fan impeller is direct driven by a 0.59 kW, 400VAC, ~3ph, 50Hz motor. EC motors represent the very latest in motor technology and offer impressive energy savings when compared to the traditional AC type. Noise level Lw78 dB(A) at duty point.

e) 18kW electric heater arranged in 1 X 3ph stage. The heater has sheathed elements and comes complete with a manual reset thermal cut-out with a backup automatic reset cut-out.

f) Supplied loose discharge vent.

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