Neptronic Steam To Steam

The Neptronic SKS series of Steam to Steam humidifiers offers an innovative design and trouble free operation. Chemical free steam is produced by using on-site boiler steam as a heat source. The wide modulation range, high capabilities and ease of servicing make it the most dependable and best humidifier on the market. The Neptronic SKS has an attractive and innovative design including a scale management system that simplifies the maintenance of scale management. The Neptronic SKS also uses a patented water level control called the AFEC® system which is energy efficient

The main benefits of the Neptronic SKS are:

– Exceptional reliability
– Environmentally friendly
– Generate pure and sterile steam
– Simplicity of operation and service
– Modern and attractive design

The main features of the Neptronic SKS are:

– Plated copper and stainless steel heat exchanges are available
– Comprehensive system of scale management
– Temperature of the drain water is tempered below 60°C
– AFEC® technology insures safe and efficient operation
– Functions exceptionally well in severe, normal or DI/RO water conditions
– Ease of servicing: cleans and re-installs within minutes

Technical Specifications
TechnicalDepending On Unit Size Output (kg/h) 15 - 568 Power supply (V) 240V Single Phase Power consumption (kW) Output modulation Modulating Supply water Steam Type of control On/Off or Modulating
Output15 - 568
Power Supply240V Single Phase
Power Consumption
Output ModulationModulating
Supply WaterSteam
Type of controlOn/Off or Modulating