Neptronic SKV Evaporative

The Neptronic SKV evaporative humidifier series is usually incorporated into an A.H.U after the pre-heating coil and before the cooling coil.

The Neptronic SKV evaporative humidifiers can be easily integrated into an air duct system. Usually the designer must provide a duct section enlargement to ensure the correct air velocity but retrofit is common and easy to incorporate.

The Neptronic SKV evaporativehumidifiers can be delivered in modules to build any size of “humidification bank” into a large A.H.U for large airflows down to pre assembled smaller units which make installation straight forward.

The controller is located within the humidifier control panel situated upon the
outside of the air handling unit: Incorporating automatic timed flushes and drain activation, the control
panel ensures water quality. A display shows set points, fault alarms, current humidity as well as
status and history, thus making the Neptronic Control panel the most advanced piece of equipment
available on today’s market.

Technical Specifications
TechnicalDepending On Unit Size Output (kg/h) 10 - 1000 Power supply (V) 240V Single Phase Power consumption (kW) 2.2 - 4 Output modulation On/Off or Proportional Supply water Mains or De-mineralised Water Type of control 0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA
Application List
Output10 - 1000
Power Supply240V Single Phase
Power Consumption2.2 - 4
Output ModulationOn/Off or Proportional
Supply WaterMains or De-mineralised Water
Type of control0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA