Neptronic Resistive Element Boiler

The self contained Neptronic SKE Steam humidifiers produce mineral free, odourless, sterile steam without the replacement cost associated with electrode cyclinders manufactured by competitors. The evaporation chamber of the Neptronic SKE consists of a permanent stainless steel chamber with self cleaning heating elements. The components of the humidifiers are readily accessible for easy and quick servicing.

The main benefits of the Neptronic SKE are:

– Exceptional reliability
– Environmentally friendly
– Generate pure and sterile steam
– Self-cleaning heating elements
– Simplicity of operation and service
– Modern and attractive design

The main features of the Neptronic SKE are:

– Permanent easily serviceable stainless steel evaporation chamber
– On/Off or Modulating control functions
– Interactive LCD display and microprocessor controlled self diagnostics
– AFEC® technology insures safe and efficient operation
– Functions exceptionally well in severe, normal or DI/RO water conditions
– Equipped with revolutionary drain pump and waste water cooling device
– Available with “BACnet” communication interface

Humidity Solutions also supply an XL version of the Neptronic SKE model as mentioned in the brochure.

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