Neptronic Gas Fired Steam

The Neptronic SKGE3 series of gas fired humidifiers (Natural or Propane gas) offers state of the art gas components and trouble free operation. The wide modulation range, high capacities and ease of servicing makes it the most dependable and best humidifier on the market.

The Neptronic SKGE3 uses the most advanced, commercially available gas technology ensuring consistent and efficient combustion. The same technology self-adjusts for altitude compensation and vent configuration (does not require an axiliary power-venting blower).

The attractive and innovative design of the Neptronic SKGE3 requires as little as one third of the operational footprint of its competitors of equivalent capacity.

The Neptronic SKGE3 uses a patented water level control system that allows energy conservation management of expensive boiling water and steam. Complete with programmable automatic drain and maintenance cycles. The temperature of the drain water is tempered below 60ºC within the unit.

Reliability of the Neptronic SKGE3 humidifier is one of the features that sets it apart from competing humidifiers. Great care has been taken to select materials which have proven themselves for their exceptional performance in very harsh conditions. All Neptronic SKGE3 units pass through rigorous Quality Control inspections and full power checks.

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