Neptronic Direct Steam Injection

The Neptronic SKD direct steam injection acquires steam from utility steam systems or in-house boilers. They are engineered to adapt to your specific capacity requirements and absorption distance demand. The Neptronic SKD is uniquely designed to provide you with an eco-energy program. The Neptronic SKD multiple configurations combined with our unique electronic steam controller (ESC) provide virtually no spitting on cold start-ups. Additionally, contrary to the competition where the steam manifold is constantly heated thus creating hot air and energy loss, the SKD comes with a jacketed valve to control the heating of the jacket.

The main benefits of the Neptronic SKD are:

– Exceptional reliability
– Environmentally friendly
– Generate pure and sterile steam
– Simplicity of operation and service
– Modern and attractive design

The main features of the Neptronic SKD are:

– ON/OFF or modulating control functions
– BACnet compatible
– Unique eco-energy program
– Output from 7 to 1568 lb/hr
– Temperature sensor (no adjustment required)
– Heated jacket only on demand
– Unique energy steam controller (ESC) for energy conservation

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