Free Standing Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier HSD8500 & HSD9500

– Used for Swimming Pools
– Homes / Offices / Public Spaces
– 45 & 65 Litre Commercial Dehumidifier
– Specially coated for use in Swimming Pools
– Metal internal frame plastic grill & anodised metal grills – Integral water pump ideal for basements (1.8m head)
– Simple electronic controls & remote control
– Two fan speeds
– Built-in humidistat
– Gravity drained with 4 possible exit points for drain tube – 2 integral carrying handles
– Wall mountable or can be free standing on 4 wheels
– Easy access to foam filter

45 & 65 litre, rotary compressor basement dehumidifier and swimming pool dehumidifier. Totally designed in the UK Plastic casing and anodized metal grilles. On four feet or can be on wheels that are also provided.
Integral water pump already included or can simply be gravity drained also comes with remote control.