Fisair DFRA Series Dehumidifier

DFRA series Fisair air dehumidifiers work using a high performance silica gel desiccant rotor, which is chemically and thermally stable, to prevent the deliquescence of the material it is made of, as occurs with other desiccant materials. Its cylindrical shape with a large number of small channels provides a large surface area for contact between the air and the desiccant material, which enables high levels of dehumidification, with a minimal volume of material.

Its simple method involves two air flows moving continuously and simultaneously as counter-currents across the desiccant rotor. The desiccant rotor is equipped with a rotation device and a series of perimeter seals to make the drying process continuous and uniform, and to optimize performance.

The flow of air for drying (process air), is filtered and passes through the desiccant rotor material (270o), and a proportion the water vapour molecules in the air are adsorbed. This air (dry air) is supplied to the controlled humidity zone by means of a fan.

Technical Specifications
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