ElectroVap Compact Steam

The ElectroVap CMC is ideal for domestic or industrial applications with little demand of humidity. It produces sterile and free of minerals steam. With a range from 1 to 4 Kg/h, the ElectroVap CMC combines performances and easy operation.

The presence of minerals in the water permits an electric current to pass between the stainless steel electrodes in the steam generating cylinder. This produces steam which is delivered to the AHU or to a room fan unit. The ElectroVap CMC gives you microprocessor control to provide responsive control over output. The Steam cylinder life is longer and waste is minimised too.


– Steam production is pure, sterile and free of minerals
– No risk of contamination by bacteria with anti freeze option
– Steam output from 1 to 4 Kg/Hrs
– Can be used with tap, soft, RO and DI water
– Driven by microprocessor with ON/OFF or proportional control
– Disposable or cleanable cylinder
– Plain stainless steel electrodes
– Recyclable plastic cylinders
– PC board up to ROHS standard
– Easy installation and maintenance

Additional Options:

– Stainless steel manifold
– Filling cup platform
– Blower pack for direct space humidification
– Interface RS 485 to connect ELMC to computer
– Leakage water detection
– Remote information board
– Weatherproof cabinet for outdoor installation
– Upgrading kit

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