Wall Mounted Rotary Compressor Dehumidifiers

Wall Mount Rotary Compressor Dehumidifier – HiDros SBA

Ideal home dehumidifiers. Whether for a bedroom, spare room, living room or for laundry areas the range of domestic units are an ideal dehumidifier. Simple to use control in high polish plastic.

Help cure condensation, dampness & mould.
Our compressor units use the latest rotary compressors that are both energy efficient and quieter than other brands. Our desiccant units use the latest technology and “SEA” technology.

We have 3 key factor mantras in our designs:-

“Italian quality“ – Its a term that means the plastics are strong and there are no soft areas when you push the plastics.
“Quiet & Efficient“ – sound level is key and Humidity Solution units are even sold in Japan where sound reduction is very important. Of course the unit must be as efficient as possible extracting the maximum amount of water from the dehumidifier using the minimum amount of energy. Look at our units compared to competition. Our fan blades are always true.
“Foot Print“ – Our dehumidifiers are designed to be compact so they don’t take up much space in the home and you can in some instances use them in 2 directions to be able to t them against a wall or between furniture. ecor pro easy-guide-dehumidifiers.

Using rotary technology the dehumidifier is a small compact unit bene ting from Japanese engineering and Japanese quality standards.
dehumidifiers help stop condensation

Compact size with a plastic body, carrying handle on four feet. Used for homes, offices, boats, holiday homes, and garages. Can be carried by one person and transported easily. Can be permanently drained over 24 hours or uses an internal water container.
This quiet Home Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer features includes a tank full alarm and auto shut off. Front access to water container and visible water indicter to knew when to empty the container if its being left to run overnight for instance without automatically shutting off when the water container is full.
For ease of use, the Home Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer has a continuous drainage option for continuous remote use, a washable bacterial lter and removable water tank.
On four feet the home dehumidifier has internal carrying handle grips to easily transport the dehumidifiers from room to room. Often used in out buildings that are kept above 0°C thus preventing risk of damage due to frost damage.