Desiccant Dehumidifier MDC800

Desiccant Technologies Group industrial desiccant dehumidifier MDC800 is designed for general purposes – room air dehumidification and process drying. The compact construction allows extended periods of operation with a minimum of maintenance. Dehumidifier is designed for drying-out buildings, new buildings as well as water-damaged buildings; to control humidity in basements and garages. Furthermore, it is used for dry air storage, water works and pump stations, etc. Especially suitable for low temperature and low humidity operation. Unit includes desiccant rotor, fans, reactivation PTC-heater, filters and controls.

 Constructional Features:
  • The casing has high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and made of 1,0 mm stainless steel sheet metal; some parts made of 1,5 and 2,0 mm stainless steel in order to achieve rigidity
  • Compact design and low weight of the unit
  • High performance at low temperatures and low relative humidity in a room
  • Optional humidistat is available as an accessory
  • Easy access to the internal components of the dehumidifier for the maintenance
  • PTC-heater
  • High efficiency of the washable silica gel rotor
  • All components made exclusively by European manufacturers

MDC800_dimens_ENG-700x440Technical data:

Process air
Rated airflow: 800
Available static pressure: 160 Pа
Reactivation air
Rated airflow: 250
Available static pressure: 180 Pа
Power supply
(3х400V, 50 Hz) 7 kW

Current: 10 А

Miscellaneous data
Weight: 80 kg
Operating temperature -30/+40˚С
Max noise level
without ductworks: 60 dBA
Air filter: EU4
IEC protective class: IP44

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