Vesuvius – Our flexible friend

Humidity solutions have supplied its 20th Vesuvius unit to a hot yoga studio which is to the new yoga shed in Hitchen, Hertfordshire.

Owner and Yoga teacher Sorrel Broadbridge stated ‘We would like to thank you very much for the Vesuvius heating / humidity system, it works very well, the clients have all fallen in love with hot yoga and the studio so members are growing every day’

The Vesuvius produces a stable 40C and 50%rh for the yoga students to work out in whilst filtering and bringing in fresh air via a heat recovery unit. The 18kw heat and 10kg/hr humidifier serve the 180m3 studio which has been built in a converted Gym near Hitchen station.

Humidity Solutions have supplied this all in one simple solution to 20 studio’s but this flexible unit has also be installed in pharmaceutical labs, biscuit production and an F1 motor racers gym to simulate driving in extreme conditions. The control on the conditions is superb with the temperature and humidity able to be altered via the remote controller to the exact conditions required.

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