UKAS Humidity Controlled Laboratory Installations

A humidification system designed and supplied by Humidity Solutions is helping leading construction connector manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie to maintain precise humidity conditions in its timber conditioning chambers. The turnkey solution has used two Neptronic SKE resistive humidifiers, which have a high tolerance of mineral build-up without affecting output or control.

Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures a wide range of connector solutions for the construction, repair, maintenance and DIY sectors. Timber conditioning chambers are used to store timber prior to testing with the company’s products.

Simpson is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, ensuring that a high level of traceable data is captured. Consequently the specification for the humidification system was for very tight tolerances, in line with the rigorous standards of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Simpson Laboratory Manager Steve Gill recalled: “advice and service we received from Humidity Solutions were excellent, and we are very pleased with the new system.”

The Neptronic SKE humidifiers provide the required humidity via steam distribution units in each of the conditioning chambers. They are controlled by dedicated sensors connected to the humidifiers’ internal controllers to provide modulating output for very close control.

Humidity Solutions provided a comprehensive service that included system design and product supply, as well as project management of installation and commissioning. The company will also be providing ongoing maintenance to ensure the units continue to deliver optimum performance.

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