Plan maintenance to save money

The title is not a new concept or surprising but it is amazing how many end users do not plan the maintenance of industrial plant to ensure the smooth running of their establishment and to save money.

A planned maintenance contract is generally priced at a lower hourly or daily rate than an emergency callout charge. Over the life time of the equipment a regular maintenance contract ensures that the equipment is in the best possible condition to serve its purpose and thus provide a monetary saving by avoiding these costly callouts.

Furthermore disruption to production can be caused, in our case, by the humidifier requiring attention. Low humidity over this last cold spell has put some printers in serious trouble because their paper is not in the best condition and production is lost, research establishments falling foul of Home Office guidelines risk funding and Service companies are heavily financially penalised due to environmental tolerances not being met. We have experienced all of these situations in the past couple of months. Whilst every effort is made to respond quickly it inevitably costs the client more than a regular maintenance contract being put in place would have been.

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