New Reverse Osmosis plant range from Airtec

The New RO Inline water treatment range from Airtec includes a pressure vessel to allow effective smooth delivery of water to the humidifier or process that it is serving. This eliminates the need for an open tank or the recirculation of water through a UV steriliser whilst being stored.

To ensure water hygiene is maintained the units have a built-in rinse cycle which activates every 6 hours to ensure that water cannot become stagnant within the system.

Pump overload and low water alarms are fitted as standard with the option of an Ultraviolet Steriliser being fitted after the RO plant and prior to the humidifier.

Two units rated at 300 litres/ hr and 500 litres/ hr max output are available in this set up.

To download the brochure please 994726 RO Inline product range UK

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