New HydroSens Induct high pressure humidification systems

An adiabatic humidification solution without equal for humidifying in an AHU.

The Hydrosens software is designed to utilize the binary system to modulate the water flow in 7 stages, each representing 14% capacity.

Three operational valves representing 14, 28 and 58% capacity provides the opportunity to supply an adapted water flow in 7 different combinations to achieve the desired control. The system uses a frequency inverted pump which operates at 50 bars to provide a finely atomised water mist through one of the patented nozzles to create a set point with a minimum use of water and power.

Hygiene is maintained by not recirculating or allowing stagnant water which is achieved by the Hydrosens hygienic rinse system, the possible use of a reverse osmosis system and ultraviolet steriliser. Installation is straight forward and can be adapted to any size of AHU or duct by using the Hydroflex supports and the sliplock push fit connections which make for quick installation.

The process of evaporating 1 litre of water in a high pressure water system will consume 0.629kw of heat energy from the ambient air. During the heating system this shall require additional heating to overcome this effect however, in the summer or in a datacentre where heat is constantly generated the 629 watts of cooling is generated by only consuming 6 watts of electrical energy.

The effects reduce electro static discharge, dehydration, airbourne dust and provides a necessary stable condition for many process industries. Uniquely on Hydrosens control panel can control, to different setpoints, up to three individual systems which makes it the most cost effective system on the market.

Simple technology which provides simply outstanding results.


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