Humidity Solutions Visits Denmark

The beginning of June saw John Barker, Sales Director of Humidity Solutions visit Airtec which is located in Lemvig, Denmark.

The visit was to attend the Airtec distributors meeting which included workshops and presentations.

To the right is an image of the attendees.

Jesper Schneider Kjeldsen, Airtec’s Head of Group Sales & Marketing sent his appreciation…”We would like to give you all a BIG THANKS for your great participation and involvement during the Airtec Days. Especially your presentations which you delivered to the audience were “spot on” and gave all a nice insight.”

Humidity Solutions offers the Airtec Easy Line which is a high pressure humidification system which is for direct air humidification systems for production facilities, these production facilities can involve wood, plastics, textiles, electronics, automotive engineering, laboratories and printing applications.

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