Humidity Solutions Provides Another Hot & Happy Customer

Humidity Solutions have been providing my studio Bikram Yoga Brighton with the correct environment to allow my clients to sweat to their optimum. Without sweat Bikram Yoga would not be the same. Sweating through the largest organ of your body your skin, allows practitioners to detox and get a great deal hotter than with just dry heat. The service I have received from Humidity solutions from day 1 has been exceptional. I know the names of all the team and they have been on hand whenever I needed help.

What I love the most about Humidity solutions is that, they are always prepared to make life easy for me, save me money, train me in how to trouble shoot my humidifier. This has resulted in me feeling extremely confident about how my machine works and what to do if there is an issue. Equally they would also come and sort out my problems if that is what is required. Having said that issues rarely arise and the humidifiers are generally problem free.

Thank-you guys for being the best there is out there with both products and exceptional customer services.

Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts
Director Bikram Yoga Brighton

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