Humidity Solutions ensures consistent humidity control for CPI

Humidity Solutions has supplied an Airtec EasyLine humidification system to leading book printer CPI to provide effective and consistent humidity control at the company’s facility in Croydon, Surrey.

CPI is the largest monochrome printer in Europe with 17 printing houses in seven European countries. The company invests heavily in the latest technologies and therefore places great emphasis on maintaining environmental conditions that will enable its presses to deliver optimum performance.

“Effective humidity control is imperative for maintaining the condition of the paper, and our old compressed air humidification system had reached a stage where extensive repairs were required to maintain consistent humidification,” recalled CPI’s Dean Meredith.

“We therefore invited a number of companies to propose solutions that would
re-introduce consistent humidity control for printing at best cost. We selected Humidity Solutions as they were able to offer the most cost-effective solution,” he added.

Following a comprehensive site survey, Humidity Solutions recommended an Airtec EasyLine high-pressure humidification system using hydrojet atomiser heads to serve the five areas requiring humidity control. The Airtec system sprays water at high pressure directly into the space being humidified, ensuring fast evaporation and precise control of humidity.

These five areas – offset litho, foiling, storage, dispatch and packaging – each have different humidity requirements so another important aspect of system design was zoned control. This has been achieved using a single panel providing individual control of each of the five zones, this being a neater solution than the five separate control panels that had previously been in use.

Use of variable speed pumps enables the system to be very responsive to varying humidification requirements in each of the zones, thereby ensuring that operation is closely aligned to the individual requirements of each space. This arrangement helps to minimise energy consumption while ensuring that effective control is maintained at all times.

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