Humidity Can Be Cool

When Mooch Clothing had two control climatic issues, Humidity Solutions was able to solve both with one easy to install solution.

Based in Loughborough, Mooch Clothing specialises in textile screen printing and heat seal transfers. Due to high heat gains in the factory from the tee shirt print machines the production space was getting uncomfortably hot for both the operators and the product.

Moreover, the high temperatures and low humidity disrupted the smooth flow of ink through the screens of the screen printing equipment, with the ink drying too quickly and blocking the screens. This had a negative impact on productivity.

With limited floor space and the need for good air distribution Humidity Solutions recommended the HEF-402 evaporative humidifier. This is housed in a box with a fan to draw the air through a moistened matrix, which humidifies the environment whilst at the same time cooling the air adiabatically cools to create a strong airflow of conditioned air.

By installing the HEF-402 at high level the cool air travels down the length of the building, maintaining comfortable conditions for staff and ensuring that machine speeds remain high.

Jules Nicholas, Managing Director of Mooch Clothing, commented: “Humidity Solutions provided a sound, practical and cost effective solution that took account of the constraints of the site in reducing temperature, increasing humidity and restoring productivity.

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