Humidifiers at your leisure

Humidifiers are becoming an essential for many of our leisure activities. Hot yoga is becoming increasing popular where students practice yoga in a studio at 40°C and 50%rh to protect muscles by allowing for a deeper stretch while also detoxifying the body by opening the skins pores to let the toxins out in sweat. Many of the world’s top celebrates and sports stars have stated their dependence on this form of exercise.

Steam baths use the humidifier technology but control on temperature to generate the steam to provide the heat to ensure the perfect conditions for relaxing in a steam room. Staying within the Health and wellbeing environment massage and physio rooms in many of the top professional sports clubs have humidity control to prevent de hydration and to ensure a healthy environment during treatments.

Once your body has been stretched, toned, massaged and detoxified then why not relax in an Imax cinema where the projector requires the stable moisture levels only a reliable humidifier can offer.

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