House & Humidity = Home

Humidity Solutions have recently resolved several issues in a residential property by installing an SKR steam humidifier.

The house in Goring On Thames, Oxfordshire has recently undergone extensive renovation to a design by architect Kate Cooper of Absolute Architecture. This included measures to reduce noise levels from a nearby railway line – including acoustic double glazing and the absence of trickle vents that could act as a path for noise to travel through.

Consequently, a mechanical heat recovery unit was installed to provide an energy-efficient source of fresh air.

In line with modern building regulations the property is designed to limit heat loss, making the property as air tight as possible. The knock-on effect of this is that the property becomes dry, causing the occupants to suffer from eczema and dry throats – particularly at night. Timber furniture was also cracking due to the low humidity levels.

The property owner, Mrs Alice Windsor- Lewis, noted: “The house is so much more comfortable since the humidifier has been installed, with a noticable reduction in dry skin, coughs and colds. And waking up without an uncomfortably dry throat is a great relief.

“I was concerned about having a humidifier in the house as I did not really understand what it entailed. However the unit’s quiet operation and discrete location in a hall cupboard mean that we don’t notice it,” she continued.

Humidity Solutions Sales Director John Barker added: “This problem is becoming increasingly frequent as regulations reduce the amount of fresh air introduced to modern houses. This makes them potentially uncomfortable and can cause health issues. With the Neptronic residential humidifier – the SKR – and the through-the-wall fan unit, we have a great solution that was specifically designed for this type of application”.

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