Hot Studio Design Humidity & Heat

Since 2008 Humidity Solutions has provided humidification and/or heating solutions to over 50 studios in the UK and Europe, gaining years of experience on how to achieve good temperature and humidity control.

It has become evident that while we are very familiar with environmental control, most new hot yoga studio owners are learning from scratch. Consequently they often don’t know the right questions to ask to prospective landlords, builders and heating companies. It is also clear that once studio owners have been through the trauma of find out through ‘the school of hard knocks’ they are reluctant to pass on this knowledge and knowhow for fear of losing commercial advantage.

The purpose of this book is therefore to provide a simple guide through the process and options of creating a pleasant temperature, humidity and air quality in their studio, while also complying with building regulations. It will also assist with planning applications and property change of use.

Humidity Solutions offers advice on humidity and, as the UK’s only independent supplier of humidifiers, can offer a comprehensive range of humidifiers to ensure that we match the equipment to the application. Our purpose-designed Vesuvius studio heating, filtration and humidity system is easy to install and meets all climatic needs for a hot yoga studio.

Covering the whole of the UK and Ireland, our team of experienced engineers offers expert advice, including site visits where required. From these discussions we can develop a specification of required temperature and humidity levels and note design issues such as noise and visual impact. This ensures we recommend the best solution for your studio, taking account of these important issues to match your application and, of course, your budget.

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