Eliminate static in Extruded Plastic foil production

Humidity Solutions are pleased to report that an Airtec high pressure water system has been invaluable in increasing production for over 4 years in a plastic foil extrusion plant.  The major European manufacturer specialises in the production and distribution of high-barrier flexible packaging for the food, tobacco, and healthcare industries.

The system was installed successfully in 2012 and serves the main production area around the  extrusion machines. Installation was achieved by using 27 Hydrotrio humidifier heads each with 3 nozzles and a distribution fan. Control was achieved by using 2 zones off of the central Easyline control panel and pump system with the supply water being treated by the Airtec RO Plus 1 which removes all the minerals from the mains water prior to atomisation to ensure that mineral dusting is prevented from entering the production area.

Humidity at a stable 55%rh within the production area ensures that Static is eliminated which ensures that the product is able to be handled and packaged straight off the production line and also prevents dust and contaminants sticking to the finished plastic foil.

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